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  1. I personally never use iron discrimination. The discrimination works by measuring both ferrous properties and conductive properties of a given target. Since many gold nuggets are coated with ferrous material when you dig them up they can be missed when discriminating. That's why most of the higher end gold detectors don't even offer that feature. Also, the discrimination does not work well for strongly ferrous targets (if I recall correctly from my old GB2 days...)
  2. Don't give up, adam. If you know your machine inside out and choose a location that is a good match for your detector, you have a reasonable chance of finding it. What helped me was to learn all the different noises that my detector is making, and working on smaller selected areas rather than trying to cover a lot of ground. Also, location is key. Watch where many of the "big shots" are hunting. These areas are known for having produced shallow gold nuggets, mostly alluvial in nature, which favors the outcome. Now, put the same guys into heavily trashed and bullet-littered mining areas, such
  3. It all depends on where you are hunting. VLF works in low mineralized soil. However, most gold rich areas are highly mineralized and littered with hot rocks. No VLF will work well under these conditions. Even my SDC2300 is struggling in some areas where I am hunting, in particular when listening to small threshold variations that can be indicative of small or deep nuggets.
  4. One more thing, especially when you are a beginner: Patience, Patience, Patience. Don't get frustrated when all you dig up is trash. The SDC is so sensitive that it will pick up tiny bird shots 5 inch deep and small pieces of metal that you can barely see with your eye (i.e. from decomposing tin cans left behind by old-timers). It's not like you see on the youtube videos where they dig up 1 oz nuggets in the SW Australian goldfields by the dozens. It is hard labor with a lot of frustration, and on average you need to dig up 100 pieces of trash before you find a shiny (if you are lucky!). Howe
  5. Knifemaker, it all depends where you are hunting and what you are looking for in a machine. The SDC is excellent when it comes to shallow gold in highly mineralized soil. It has an 8 inch coil so you won't cover much ground. However, the machine is super sensitive to fine gold (I recovered 0.1 gramers in about 5 inch depth), but having the right headset and coil swinging techniques is key (move the coil slowly and as close to the ground as possible-sides of coil are the most sensitive). The machine is very compact and folds nicely to the size of a magazine. This makes it a perfect choice for b
  6. Hi Guys, warm greetings from San Diego. Fanatic gold prospector here, mostly nugget shooting in the SoCal Desert, including Rand / Dale / Coolgardie mining districts. I have also been lucky at Big Bear (Holcomb). Plenty of opportunities here provided you have lots of patience and don't mind digging 100 bullets/nails before finding a shiny (if you are lucky)
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