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  1. Hi Is this a specie or a necklace or is it an imitation that is not genuine?
  2. I think you are correct I have no idea about this seal
  3. A friend sent me a picture of an old seal that is expected to seal the great USA in 1782.
  4. Hi all, Are these coins genuine or fake?
  5. Thank you for your kindness. It is not my property. I am collecting coins, selling and buying. There are those who offer it to me to sell it as real and then I send pictures to the forum to find out what it is.
  6. I am a very few experts in the coins I am using you as an expert and ask the help of the forum in my country Many forgers and fraudsters I see you in this forum Good people love to help if my publications bother you I apologize again I tell you I have few experience, especially American and European coins Please accept my apologies
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a detector up to a good depth. I was advised by a shop owner to sell a detector with the Deep Hunter Pro 3 SE and I saw clips on YouTube that reach the rear of the metal coins 40 cents and also a military helmet up to 150 cm deep. Is this true I hope you have the experience to tell us
  8. Hello Is this original coin a pure gold? Please evaluate it if it is genuine
  9. I trust this forum and the supervisors I am waiting for them advice but I would like to hear the opinion of the testers of the metal detectors thank you to everyone who helped me
  10. I want the opinion of the experimenters. I do not care about the words of the manufacturers. If you have a trial, please help me thank you
  11. I want to buy a good metal detector and I do not know what is the good type used for salt soil, ordinary soil and calcareous rocks I want to know what the price of the metal detector is also how much depth it reaches
  12. Hi all i have sent me a friend pictures this question asking is it fake or real m thanks to all
  13. There are Arabs in the forum this is great thank you very much for your kindness and generosity😁
  14. Is it possible to help me to find a forum in this regard please send the link if found thank you
  15. مرحبًا ، أريد أن أعرف ما بعد ذلك هذه العملة مزيفة أو حقيقية
  16. Thank you very much for this information
  17. Thank you for the information. There is another coin that may be real. Please look. Thank you
  18. Hello I hope you have the experience to evaluate these coins
  19. Thank you for the information. I do not have experience with American coins. I have another picture for a second coin. Please tell me, is it fake too?
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