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  1. Well l have been speaking with William Cordua, a retired Emeritus professor of Geology and l sent him some of my pictures, he thinks the yellowish substance in the pits is ancient weathered out (olivine) some kind of crystals that used to be inside, he said it looks like the specimen could be thousands of years old (on earth) billions of years old specimen. Definitely going to get a (nickel test kit). Getting excited a bit....
  2. I'm leaning towards the slag side of things, being from Wisconsin and the amount of iron ore we have produced.
  3. Will pick up the nickel test tomorrow, fingers crossed.
  4. I was able to cut a 2" piece off with my tile saw, (probably not the best cut) but this is what the inside looks like.
  5. The blue hue is because I was driving home from the guy who polished it and is a reflection of the sky through the windshield.
  6. I'm a newbe at this but read the year long post about the meteorite found in Wisconsin near Milwaukee. I think l might have found one also, I'll try to post picks of my rock in this post, hopefully there might be some help to put me in the right direction. I found it in upper North Wisconsin, very chrome in the crudely polished area, but I'm intrigued for sure.
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