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  1. Where were these found? Looks like nothing of any value there but I would think they would tumble quite nicely.
  2. Try a streak and hardness test on it. Streak test is basically rubbing it on a piece of unglazed ceramic tile or something similar and noting at the color it left. Hardness is trying to scratch the surface of it, start with your fingernail then a penny then try a knife and see if any left a scratch. Also try sticking a magnet to it.
  3. Neat variety...are these lanscape rocks around your home or did you find these somewhere? tough to say for sure what they are but Ill guess that #2 is a brecciated jasper of sorts, last image looks to be quartz.
  4. geology dept at a nearby college, local rock shop, local rock club....
  5. quartz, possibly chalcedony variety.
  6. agreed on the photo, if you cant take it out side on a sunny day try shooting it under brighter ligh,t that will increase your shutter speed and hopefully eliminate the blur.
  7. I think a better photo may help, you posted 7 of the same image. maybe take it outside on a sunny day and get a closeup if possible. But to me it looks more like a pegmatite with k-feldspar and biotite but a better photo could change my guess.
  8. see if you can scratch the dark area and the white areas with a push pin or knife, that will give a starting point to finding out the hardness.
  9. to me it looks like a chunk of pegmatite, with alkali feldspar, quartz and biotite mica.
  10. The first chert breccia has two front teeth if you look close.
  11. Here are some various Breccia found on the last year in WI.
  12. you could put a drop of muratic acid on it to confirm that, it would fizz noticeably. Or use vinegar but you would have to look closely for a reaction since its much weaker.
  13. definitely not tigers eye, it looks like quartz with some calcite.
  14. 3 people say potato, I say quartzite. If you can cut it with a knife they are right, if you cant even scratch it with a knife I am probably right.
  15. Have you tried to scratch glass with your specimen?
  16. Interesting, can you do a couple of tests such as a streak and hardness test and does a magnet stick to it?
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