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  1. I find iron out pretty much most places even the supermarkets near me, the hardware store for sure carry it. One tip would be to heat the water before adding the iron out and specimens. Also be sure to rinse and soak in fresh water after the treatment. It should work great on your quartz, it has for me in the past.
  2. Your purple rock is mica schist (purple mica is called lepidolite), I happen to have some samples from Australia myself. As far as the other stuff goes I'm not so sure what needs to be cleaned. If its dust/dirt covered you can rinse in and gently scrub in water. If you are trying to remove iron oxide stains iron out works well for that, for removing carbonate material you can try to remove with vinegar or stronger acids like muriatic.
  3. Microcrystalline and cryptocrystalline are synonymous terms, maybe you meant to say macrocrystalline Bob? Also for the OP, a hardness test would be most helpful, the first one posted looks like it could be Obsidian or common Opal but I think all of these might just be Chalcedony.
  4. First one could be a carbonate rock or maybe even a quartzite, tough to say unless you can do the test Morlock suggested. Though a hardness (scratch) test would also be a good idea especially on the large protruding mineral as well as the general surface. Second one looks more like quartz to me than Fluorite and a hardness test will be an easy way to determine that. A steel knife will scratch Fluorite but not Quartz.
  5. Sure looks like a quartz crystal, and I think the red you see is iron staining.
  6. Ivigo, If I were you, and was this intrigued by this rock, I would have it taken or sent somewhere for testing. That will be the only real way to satisfy your curiosity.
  7. I'd guess one of the Amphibole asbestos minerals based on the photo.
  8. could be a pyrite nodule, try scraping it against an unglazed white tile or the underside of the toilet tank lid and see if it leaves a mark (streak) and note the color of it. Pyrite would leave a black greenish streak.
  9. A few images from my collection. The first two images (same rock) are from Nelson Co. VA. I have another with inclusions of Rutile from that location. Both I purchased from a dealer in the mountains out there. The third image is one I found in northern Wisconsin in Langlade Co.
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