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  1. A few images from my collection. The first two images (same rock) are from Nelson Co. VA. I have another with inclusions of Rutile from that location. Both I purchased from a dealer in the mountains out there. The third image is one I found in northern Wisconsin in Langlade Co.
  2. Look at #17 on this list.I have a few samples one from VA and one I found in WI, Ill snap some pics in a bit and post. https://www.dmme.virginia.gov/dgmr/pdf/vamin/vm 48_2_3.pdf and this. http://geology.blogs.wm.edu/minerals-rocks-and-fossils/minerals/
  3. Looks like they turned out pretty nice. As far as jasper goes I would say #3 could be, but the other three look more like some kind of granite type rocks.
  4. The grey looks like it could be chert. Have you tested for hardness?
  5. d-day is 100% correct, these are very abundant along lake Michigan shorelines. Chrinoids, Favosites and several other things cemented up in limestone.
  6. My thinking is a basalt with a higher magnetite content. Try the streak test like Bob suggested.
  7. Actually a great find for southeastern WI, if you had said northwestern WI I would not have been surprised but these are few and far between in the SE part of the state, what town? Value is like what was mentioned above though.
  8. On the second rock the red mineral looks to be K-feldspar, green could be epidote.
  9. Its a coral of some variety, got a lot of of it here in Wi as well.
  10. Your probably right on your limestone assumption, though could be dolostone as well which is a bit harder. If you can get a good closeup photo of the crystals in the vugs that could help. The red area is most likely iron staining.
  11. Does a magnet react to the black one? also try doing a streak test on it.
  12. like mentioned do streak test, hematite would leave a reddish streak.
  13. It is an attractive rock, colors are great. Could certainly be either Nephrite or Jasper though I would lean towards Nephrite based on the photos.
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