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  1. Old school can still get it done,WTG.
  2. beatup

    went out for a wobble again

    pretty little nugget Fred, WTG.
  3. beatup

    Wades sunbaker patch revisited

    good going you guys
  4. beatup

    Critter Hole Nugget

    WTG Dave for keeping after it , it sure does get tiresome when you find those runs of old staples .
  5. beatup

    Thanksgiving Day Gold !

    good job ,congrats.
  6. good job getting them both out of the ground.
  7. beatup

    Nugget Found

    congrats and a good job finding and reuniting the owner with their nugget.
  8. beatup

    Your Best Non Nugget find?

    Copped socket arrowhead made during the copper culture era age 3000 to 5000 years BP.
  9. beatup

    New to this Forum

    Eric is in Yuma now and i will down around the 1st of January.
  10. Howdy everyone ,new to this forum but been around on other forums .