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  1. beatup

    Isn't this a Gold Forum??,..

    Here are some found this year in south west Arizona.
  2. beatup

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    nice going
  3. beatup

    Second nugget this week!

    nice going you guys.
  4. beatup

    Field Trip Report !

    WTG on getting to the gold.
  5. beatup

    Good day for screwing around

    way to go
  6. beatup

    What a exciting day!

  7. beatup

    Macros for TomH

    what a sweet little specimen
  8. beatup

    No free lunch on Dinkville Rd.

    Great finds on a great day out
  9. beatup

    First nugget!

    Congrats on your first nugget ,should be more found in your future.
  10. thanks for sharing those good words Doc
  11. beatup

    Last nuggets from 2018

    nice little pieces
  12. beatup

    Golden Day With The Kids

    sounds like it was a good time for all
  13. beatup

    First GM1000 Nugget -- A Nice One

    WTG on getting him out and onto a great piece.