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  1. I have found 1 to 2 gram size pieces at a good foot deep quite regularly with my 7k,one note the ground was not all that hot where we are detecting.
  2. get out the detector and get to swinging
  3. well done to all of you who found gold
  4. congrats on 50 years together Doc
  5. Outstanding piece of da oro Dave
  6. great artifact Shep, it is a nice biface
  7. the closet club that i know of is the quartzsite metal detecting club , the Roadrunnerprospectors club out of phoenix has club claims all over the state .but may be someone local will chime in with more info for you .
  8. Rainbow Obsidian Tanto style blade 13 1/4 inches long 1 1/2 inches wide .
  9. I just knew you drove a toyota , nice bit of detecting too .
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