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  1. spectacular piece of Ribbon gold
  2. well done always good when finds come out of old and new ground
  3. All the good targets for my brother and myself the first ten days out this december . All GPZ 7000 finds.
  4. .78 gram yesterday and 14.92 grams today
  5. I had that happen to me i pulled off the side of 85 between Gila Bend and Buckeye to take a leak and looked down and saw a gold nugget when i picked it up you could see it was shaped like a butterfly , it was ground flat on the back side , near as i could tell maybe a piece of jewelry that fell off or out of a mount it was just under 1/4 oz.
  6. I have found 1 to 2 gram size pieces at a good foot deep quite regularly with my 7k,one note the ground was not all that hot where we are detecting.
  7. get out the detector and get to swinging
  8. well done to all of you who found gold
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