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  1. Thanks jay. Would ironstone and Loadstone cut like this? This is effectively like cutting hardened steel. Doesn’t really seem like it would need to be smelted to extract any metallic properties as it’s already acting like a solid piece of metal. it is quite brittle though, interestingly. One of the chaps at work has said it looks like a solid piece of cast iron. Which it does when smashed open. But the shape is just too odd for me.
  2. Thanks bob. Appreciate that. The surface has those cutting disc marks in. I’ve since polished it down. I’m hoping it won’t of affected the core too much. The temperature was high but not in the 100s of degrees ( I could still touch it ). do you think it would still be worth doing the etching? Would that determine if it were a meteorite? I do have access to a bandsaw but even then I think the thing would still get pretty hot, albeit a lot more controlled and cooler than a cutting disk. It also seemed to retain more heat than your typical metals ie ali/stainless/mild. I work in these materi
  3. Thanks friends gonna mirror finish it and etch it. See what happens. ill be in touch when it’s done x
  4. I cut into it. Took two grinding discs. I expected it to breeze through it but it was effectively like cutting 50mm steel. When I undid the vice I dropped it and bit broke off, so weirdly it’s brittle too. Like solid brittle metal. But it exposed a little middle bit. I’ll upload pictures its also red hot. Hasn’t cooled down.
  5. Ah. Cool. I wouldn’t sell anyway. Mantel piece job. Just interested x
  6. One quick question. Lets say it is a meteorite. What value would you place on it? X
  7. Thanks friend. Appreciate the advice. I’ll cut into it tommorow and see what I find x
  8. Yeah that’s what I figured. Magnetite seems to be more of a crystallised material than solid iron. I figured it would turn to dust if I cut into/sanded it. Purely from pictures. I appreciate the help. I’m just pretty reluctant to throw this away on ‘probably not’ advice. I’d like to do a little more digging but I’m not sure where to start.
  9. I’m reluctantly to cut too much into it, it’s not exactly big to begin with. i work in a metal shop so I’m pretty good at identifying metal. I’m not sure if you’ve handled magnetite but how does it cut? What does the Center look like because I can’t seem to find pictures on the internet, and ones I have seem to be black crystaly material. Which is definitley not what this is. If it is solid metal, what would you suggest it is ?
  10. To be laid on top of grass in the middle of a field, seemed odd to me. I guess I figured magnetite would be near more rocky terrain. But you’re the expert. it seems to be solid iron, from the small piece I cut. Very indicative of sanding mild steel. Would magnetite act like this? I assume magnetite would need to be smeltedto extract it’s metal properties. This particular piece already seems to be solid iron.
  11. I also sanded a very small piece with an angle grinder. It came up pure metal. would magnetite do this? Because it seems magnetite would just crumble. effectivley like sanding mild steel to expose the nice shiny steel
  12. It doesn’t look like magnetite though, and what would magnetite be doing in the middle of a field? Also, the one I have is very smooth and has like a thick black crust to it. The magnetite looks quite porousey. is there a definitive test I can do? Because it passes all of the ones I can find on the internet.
  13. What would you suggest it is? It bears all the Hall marks of a meteorite , no?
  14. Hello fellas/ladies real swell to meet ya, my colleague found this in the middle of a field whilst walking his doggy. Northern England. its extremely magnetic and heavy. Approx 100mm x 50mm x 50mm at its peaks. i tried to identify it using tips on the internet , I’m hoping someone here may be able to identify. i was going to grind into it a little bit to see what secrets it’s hiding, but don’t want to potentially make it less valuable. light in room doesn’t do pictures much justice it but I would describe it as black, smooth and starting to rust every so slightly in sp
  15. Howdy, new here. from England. Engineer and I’m 29 real swell to meet you fellas, real swell.
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