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  1. Thanks Bob, you might be right with your analyseis. Mabe a Magnetite with Phyrit. What me doubts is only its heavy weight in comparison to other mineral stones and it is not magnetic. regards from Germany
  2. Morlock - what makes you sure, that it is not a meteorite ? I am really not an expert, but if it is not a meteorite what could it be then.
  3. It was found near Alexandria in Egypt between 1929 and 1930. So far I could investigate.
  4. Thx Chrisski for your fast reply. For coal I think it is too heavy and it is hard to crack. br Eric
  5. Hi guys, I am writing from Germany and I try to get some help from you, because the German Forums are not very hhelpful if you are a newbee in this materie. Short to my person: I am Eric, 57 years and I live on an island in Spain for a couple of years now. I apreaciate your forum and it is very informativ. ( sorry for my bad English ). I am not used to it. OK - make a long story short .... Since aprox. 45 years I have a Stone / Meteorite or what ever it is and I want to find out, what it really is. I never took care about it in former times but now ... I have a little suspe
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