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  1. Thanks Bob, you might be right with your analyseis. Mabe a Magnetite with Phyrit. What me doubts is only its heavy weight in comparison to other mineral stones and it is not magnetic. regards from Germany
  2. Morlock - what makes you sure, that it is not a meteorite ? I am really not an expert, but if it is not a meteorite what could it be then.
  3. It was found near Alexandria in Egypt between 1929 and 1930. So far I could investigate.
  4. Thx Chrisski for your fast reply. For coal I think it is too heavy and it is hard to crack. br Eric
  5. Hi guys, I am writing from Germany and I try to get some help from you, because the German Forums are not very hhelpful if you are a newbee in this materie. Short to my person: I am Eric, 57 years and I live on an island in Spain for a couple of years now. I apreaciate your forum and it is very informativ. ( sorry for my bad English ). I am not used to it. OK - make a long story short .... Since aprox. 45 years I have a Stone / Meteorite or what ever it is and I want to find out, what it really is. I never took care about it in former times but now ... I have a little suspect. This object comes - as far as I could investigate - from Alexandria / Egypt in the 20th or eraly 30th to Berlin. End of the 70ths I have gotten it from an old man together with some other artefacts from Egypt. I searching now for a while through the internet to find out what it could be but it is difficult get any realistic results. Some tell it could be from the moon, other from martian and other tell it is crab and fake or just a stone from a river... So I hope, you can help me a bit further. Thank you in advance. To the Object: Most parts of it is covered in a black skin. One part ( ca. 15% is not. It meassures 55 x 35 x 35 mm and weights 146 gramm. It does not response to a magnet. Also not to a strong one. For its size it seems to be quite heavy. Heavier then a stone of the same size. I will put some not very professional fotos. If someone needs more - of course I coud send. For me and after looking on hundreds of fotos in the net it looks like a meteorite. But I found only very less which look a bit similiar to my stone. At the end of all - I have no idea and maybe I can get a tipp from you here. I thank you in advance and I hope for any response. Thank you. best regards from Mallorca Eric
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