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  1. just north of Las Vegas is were I found it, this was found in a mine, way out in the desert. but I will look more into it, Thanks for looking at it.
  2. Hello Morlock, we took it to a show for that reason and to buy some rocks of course, I have even taken it to the Rice Museum here in Oregon and they don't know either, looking into taking it to Reno next week to the college to see if they can ID it, thanks for taking a look
  3. All pics are from the same rock, the first two are slabs I cut and threw in a rock tumbler .
  4. Hello everyone, Thanks for letting me be a part of this, from Oregon and I try to make it down to NV or AZ twice a year, love exploring mines hoping to find some cool rocks or gold, and my wife is a bigger rock hound than me. Thanks again
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for taking a look at this for me, found north of las Vegas, I have been to a couple of rock shows but no luck, any thoughts? The first two pics are what it looks like from being in a tumbler, the others are overall pics. Thanks again
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