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  1. Hi all, Thanks everyone for the info. On further researching Cementatious Transite I think it was most likely a part of the end collar of a sewer or water main pipe, given similarly shaped examples in photos and the overall size that this piece would likely have been. (Don't worry I did not end up measuring it). I appreciate the advice to properly dispose of this item as it contains asbestos that is no longer solidly bound together and is most certainly friable as described. That is part of my reasons for wanting to identify these items so I can decide what to do with them. Kind of l
  2. I think I will measure the curve and try to figure out how big it would have been if it is a part of a lid or something. Maybe it could have been some sort of collar around a chimney for heat protection? Although it shows no sign of heat or smoke on it. I'm guessing my brother found this one on one of his field walks looking for arrowheads after the farmers would plow. I also read that asbestos used to be put in modeling clay to make the finished piece stronger, gotta love the arts and crafts that can kill you
  3. I'm totally not any kind of rock, or glass, expert.... But it looks similar to ancient judean glassworks. Or like some of the chunks from a cooled furnace.
  4. Hi again everyone This one from my brothers collection is a real mystery to me, I always thought it was a shard of unglazed pottery, but now that I get my hands on it I think it may be an unusually shaped rock with some odd characteristics. It is grey and smooth like any typical sedimentary rock on the surface, clay like, but it has layers of fine fibers in an almost plywood like structure inside. It is very light weight for its size and I was able to peel a piece off to put under my microscope. It felt like peeling a bit of cheap fiberboard apart. But the fibers are clear glassy cr
  5. Hi chrisskit, that high school experiment sounds cool! I'll have to look up about that. I'm used to a rock getting darker when wet but it was quite surprising how much change there was in the white globular bits turning a very nice turquoise green.
  6. Thanks 4meter, I think it's the most eye catching rock that my brother had in his collection! I discovered that the white round mineral actualy turns green if wet, but then turns the dull chalky whitish color again when it drys. All the different surfaces seem to soak a drop of water in like a sponge, it must be very porous or full of tiny cracks and veins that the water wicks into. I don't have any HCI, and vinegar had no effect, probably too weak. The dark green mineral sparkles extremely beautifully! But the crystals are microscopic! I got some photos from my microscope
  7. Thanks Adam, I looked at pictures of both and the malachite looks the closest. I stumbled on one photo of malachite that was the most like my rock and it was called "botryoidal malachite chrysocolla". Googling that gave me many examples that are pretty spot on for what I have! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  8. This rock was in my brother's collection, I'm not sure if he collected it, or if he purchased it. If he found it himself it could be from anywhere in NY, PA area mostly, but possibly along the east of USA all the way to Florida, sorry I can't narrow it down) It is various shades of green and grey green or white with some small orange/brown areas. The surface is covered in dark green ball shapes with tiny sparkeling crystals. Other areas are geode like with tiny brighter green crytals bordered with rings of teal green and whitish green. There is a layered chalky looking surface on some of
  9. Hi Au Seeker, Thanks, I've been working on getting a few photos that will hopefully be decent enough quality to help with identifying the few rocks I can't figure out. I'll be posting them soon.
  10. Hi everyone, Just looking for someplace to find out more about rocks & minerals and fossils etc... I inherited some of my brothers small rock collection but have no clue what any of them are. He hunted for arrowheads and fossils and rocks in his spare time, probably bought a few of them too. Looking forward to learning more about them all. Have a great day! Suzanne
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