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  1. Hello, Would appreciate any ID-eas on what I have here ... Context: Creek Side Sand Bar. East/Central Iowa. A lot of what we have here is glacial deposition/drift-till I believe...so most likely it was left and not formed here. There were similar nodular specimens in the same area, with the same vesicular characteristics. Tests Performed: None. I have not streaked, burned, SG'd, HCI'd or properly MOHS'd it yet...though I did use a scissor blade(because Im lazy and it was close)to scratch what appears to be a denser, perhaps more vitrified(?) portion, and they did not scratch it. Hypothesis: A volcanic spindle bomb Initial Basis: Shape, exterior texture...because internet said so... Alt Hyps: Concretion, extraterrestrial, some dumb thing, petrified bread dough, coral fossil... Thanks for looking. ~ jarl
  2. Bedrock Bob...that first meteorite...for sure...it's a projectilkite...probably from planet Bowarrow...in the Shooting Star galaxy. Joking aside, I guess I didn't know you knapped. Fine work and tools well made. I started to get into it a few years ago...just never got anywhere with it. Still have all my stuff though and a box of a few different kinds of material...mostly novaculite from AR., I think. Have some mahogany obsidian and slab or two, this and that. I started collecting modern knapper's work...only have a few pieces from a few knappers now, but I was thinking about sending off on commission some of the material i have. I need points for my collection and I want decent knappers work. Your work would qualify!
  3. Thanks, Bob ... I'm just guessing lol. Well, until further notice...I'm dubbing this specimen...the 'periodically sun tanning enigma cobble'.
  4. If it is a fossil, I'd guess two actinostroma heads fused together. Otherwise, teetering on concretion.
  5. Look up 'iron oxide concretion'. I find a lot of those in my area.
  6. Run a metal detector over it. I found a hunk of glassy slag one time in the dirt...rang up really good...confused me at first.
  7. First of all...really cool looking rock...if you ever find another...hehe...i want one. So, i was guessing and was about to post...and durr...saw Bob's August 2nd post having scrolled right on past...I guess we're saying the same thing( my original response bellow). Just so you know im not trying one up anyone...you guys know way more than I do lol. "Couldn't it have sat in shallow water for several lengthy periods of time...perhaps being disturbed by something like an animal or flood water...each time gaining a different position? That would seem to explain why it had different angular layers of varying degrees of staining...whatever would have stained it...maybe the standing water had a lot of iron or some other staining mineral in it?"
  8. What is it though? I find very similar things here but being much more weathered. What would this consist of...calcite, sphalerite, quartz, galena??
  9. Thanks, Mike. I'm sure I'll find some engaging info here.
  10. PS...looks like the ground there has a lot of clay...ever procure and refine any of it?
  11. The black fragment, from what I could find...actually looks basal notched...like a Hell's Canyon type.
  12. Thanks, Bedrock Bob. I know a little bit of a whole lot of a lot of things...as I like to tell people. And...everything I know I learned in school...but I don't remember any of it. Lol. I just like scavenging for understanding.
  13. Looks like a chunk of Fenton glass. What is it really?
  14. Just signed up to this forum. Looks like a nice place. Have been into fossils, rocks, gems, minerals etc., for a long time...though I think I am a moderate hound at that...time, weather and energy willing. I'm from and live in East Central Iowa. Other things that interest/involve me...metal detecting(since 2010), archeology, paleontology...basically anything involving looking for, digging up and finding things of age and interest. I'm in it for the story, learning...the mystery etc etc. My life also involves music, art and any creative, thought evoking process with an eventual result. That's me.
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