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  1. Thanks for the good wishes. And the warnings as well. I don’t mean to make light of them. Along with the burnt treees and shrubs there are many burnt homes in the mix. I am much more mobile then most and I’m okay with packing up and leaving an area. I can’t imagine what people when when they lose everything they know and have worked for. I have a buddy from Australia that comes back and does the large gem shows around the U.s. every year. Tucson has one the the worlds biggest gem shows and I go there with him and I cut his opals and help him do sales. I leave there with cash and opals. I
  2. Just Incase anyone else is wondering what I’ve decided lol. I have to finish up my responsibilities for this season then it is on. I have had a few folks message me with great advice and some good offers for help. I won’t be mentioning names. I am going for it and I’ll be writing things down to share my experience. Any advice that has been given in this thread is being taken seriously. I understand the whys and why nots and I understand the potential hazards involved with working outdoors. The gold that I recover would only be sold to gold buyers at whatever %spot when needed. Oth
  3. Hard time hermit i know all to well about the fire dangers . Just a week ago we have 3 planes fly over. One was pretty much a passenger jet. They were circling the valley ready to dump loads on a house fire. We were covered in smoke for months because of the Carr fire. I go into defense mode every time I come outside and smell someone’s fireplace burning. I’ve spent plenty of time on the pacific crest trail and I have had to alter routes due to fire. im not concerned about the fires. Also I find that the biggest challenge in everything I’ve ever done have been the naysayers.
  4. Always dirty. i appreciate the concern but why would we do that when we were already in a bigger home? We moved to the smaller home for the purpose of saving money, seeing what we could live with or without, and it’s perfect for the job we have been doing this year. We aren’t struggling and I’m not making this decision out of desperation. I do take my girls out prospecting and my 4 year old daughter actually puts work in. A lot more then I thought she would. She gets 25% of what we find because I believe it’s going to do her better in the future then it will do us now. I know w
  5. I once had a mentor but he may be passed away by now as far as I know. I met him when I was 22 and ended up living with him for 3 months in his s10 and trailer. We dug in the consumnes river and this old man knew what he was doing. He showed me some epic places but I can’t for the life of me remember the exact locations now. I’ve been trying to find him on the internet as he was an author and I’ve found one picture of him on a website that is no longer active. I hope to one day find the area he showed me because it was his bank for most of his life According to him.
  6. I like the way you think. I believe I have seen you post something about this experience before. Do you mind me asking what made you just do it as opposed to just thinking about it and saying “oh that can’t be done “ I hitch hiked the country for 4 and a half years digging up gem stones. Wire wrapping them in silver and gold wire then catch a ride to the nearest city and cash in downtown at the bars scene. I would spread my stuff out and make a killing sometimes. And sometimes I would only sell one piece. I lived outside the entire time. Do you have any idea how many people told me
  7. Falling totally on my face and recovering is completely possible at this point in my life. You get the idea. I have not put 20 in the military and I’m not retired. I’m just fortunate enough to have met good people in my travels and scored good jobs also. If all I come out with is some campfire stories that’s fine with me. I know I’ll have a little gold to show as well. Aside from what has to be spent obviously lol.
  8. That’s a given lol. Payday is soon. I have the disposable income for this endeavor. And as far as living in close quarters with the lady we live in a ten by twelve right now with out 2 daughters dog and cat lol. my job as of now can be done while prospecting. Plants grow when you are there or not so long as you give them the love they need. Thanks for the good luck wishes.
  9. I will be sluicing high banking and detecting. If I’m capable of pulling an ounce a month then I won’t really be losing to much money. I know to most people that doesn’t sound like much at all and it really isn’t. But we live off of around 500 dollars a month anyways. Without emergencies that is. Speaking of harvest it’s that time of year out here in these parts. I get a kick out of reading some of the older post about this area and the pot growing. The good part about that for me though is I know a lot of the people doing the growing and they own wonderful plots of land and a lot of
  10. Thanks for the advice BMc . Thankfully I do t have the outlook you speak of. And the lottery and casinos are not my thing. Even though looking for gold is kind of similar lol.
  11. lol I understand that one. I know there is no way I’m about to get rich but we have a year to do whatever really. My wife and I both have the understanding that nothing is permanent. And I can always drop out and go back to what I normally do. I am young now but I know that doesn’t last forever. since we have to don’t do it side out of the way. im not looking to do it as a career for the rest of my life. I have my plans and money set side for that. I’m looking to go all out for the next year and trying to figure out the best way to do it. My wife wants to help me.
  12. I recently purchased a gold bug m scope. It was working great for a couple of weeks then all the sudden the power switch took a crap on me. That nice click it gives when you turn the switch is gone and it just spins smoothly. I baught the detector from an elderly lady who has had it for a long time and hasn’t used it in a while either because of back issues. I’m just assuming my frequent use of it after it sitting for a while in who knows what type of storage condition that I may have just worn out a piece of plastic or something inside. Is this common? Is there a way I can fix it
  13. So these particular gold crystals pictured would possibly have formed with pyrite molecules in the mix? would it be possible to form them in a lab?
  14. Hello everybody. I have a few questions to pertain to full time prospecting. I have the opportunity to take the leap and hit the gravel hard prospecting full time. I have the time and I have some money saved up to survive and whatnot. I somehow convinced my wife this was a good idea. Please don’t ask me how that worked because I have no idea Hahahaha. But anyways. I’ll atart by asking. Are the gpaa, the new 49’s, etc mining clubs a good idea to get into or does this more go for the recreation side of it. Should I be looking into getting my own claims instead? I guess the
  15. My question is did these crystals form alone or are they replacements? I know as some other minerals decompose They can be replaced by others leaving the new mineral in the shape as the old. Is that what’s going on here? I wasn’t aware that gold took those shapes.
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