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  1. Rob Allison

    Gold Monster / DetectorPro Headphone News

    Hey Chet, That is an outstanding price for an adapter. I'm just figuring what others charge for headphone adapters. Minelab's Equinox is like $40+, the SDC is like $95 .... This could be a great alternative so the customers have their choice on what headphones they like (1/4 jack ones) and use your adapter. Question - Adapters like to move around due to the weight of the headphone cord and always swinging the detector side-to-side. Do you think the adapter could potentially wear out the headphone jack on the detector due to this? There were issues with the early adapters on the SDC, so I'm just giving you a heads up.
  2. Rob Allison

    Macros for TomH

    Hey Bill, What are you you using for the Macro shot? A digital camera with Macro or something like a microscope? Great picture and specimen. Thanks for sharing. P.S. A friend of mine stopped using a "super magnet" for this very reason. He found a small iron/gold specimen on the magnet while he was cleaning it off. He said he believes he could have tossed many over the course of years of nuggetshooting. Makes me wonder how many I could have tossed, I always use a very powerful Neo-Nym Super Magnet ..... Rob Allison
  3. Rob Allison

    Gold Monster / DetectorPro Headphone News

    Hey Bill, You will have to contact Ronnie about it. My thought is, they are great headphones for sure. However, are people willing to spend over $100 dollars on good headphones that are just specific to the Gold Monster only??? This is a very small detecting market, but if you could make them to work on multiple detectors that is different. For example, my DetectorPro Black Widow's, I can use them on my GPX, My SDC with the adapter cord or my GPZ. I can also use them on all the VLF's I own, as the only VLF that I own that has the 1/8" jack is the Gold Monster 1000. I think a smarter move might be an adapter cable or something, where the invest is much smaller and you don't have to rely on selling 500+ headphones to recovery your investment to have a new headphone built. The Gold Monster 1000 is a great unit, thousands have been sold, but there is a very small percentage of those guys that are going to buy $100+ headphones for a $799.00 investment and can only be used on it. I would be one of the guys that purchase a pair though. Just my thoughts.
  4. Rob Allison

    Gold Monster / DetectorPro Headphone News

    Hello All, I just sent the proto-types back to Ronnie. Bill and I both tested them out, they worked great. That being said, I also talked with Ronnie and I wouldn't expect to see them anytime soon.
  5. Hey Grubstake, I looked, I don't have it anymore. I know I used to, just can't locate it. Oh well ......
  6. Hey Doc and Grubstake, I might have his number still. He bought a bunch of stuff back in the day.
  7. Rob Allison

    Missing Forum Member Tortuga

    Hey Guys, My last contact with Chris was about 2 weeks ago. He normally lets me know if he is heading up this way, Wickenburg, Rich Hill or such. That being said, I believe they are searching around Greaterville and other placer areas around Tucson. I have called several guys around Tucson today to see if they heard from him, all said they haven't. Keep Chris in your prayers that he turns up fine. I don't know all the details if he told any family member or girlfriend where he was heading. Desert Pilot - Any updates on your end? Rob Allison
  8. Rob Allison

    DetectorPro and GM 1000

    Thanks Bill. I will give them a whirl and report back to Ronnie at DetectorPro/Gold Digger. I'm sure they would be a big hit here in the Southwest for all the Nuggetshooters that are using the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. I have to say, the stock headphones work well, but the cord is junk and way too short. I couldn't count how many times I have snagged it, I'm surprised the cord hasn't broken yet. I'm sure at some point, just about every GM1000 user would invest in a good pair of headphones for the unit.
  9. Rob Allison

    Power of the Super Detector 2200V2

    Hey Adam, Great find with older Minelab Technology. I'm still trying to find that small stuff, I must have a setting wrong or something ....
  10. Rob Allison

    DetectorPro and GM 1000

    Hey Bill, Have to agree, Detector Pro was ran by Gary for so many years. He was great to deal with. Now our fellow Minelab dealer Ronnie is from Gold Diggers owns Detector Pro and things are looking even better! From Gray Ghost to Nugget Busters, to Black Widow's, now even better the Platinum models of each with much better speakers. These new Gray Ghost for the Gold Monster will be great. The Gray Ghost Amphibians for the Equinox series have also been a huge hit. Congrats to DetectorPro
  11. Rob Allison

    Whats in your break down bag

    Hey Little Tom, I would recommend a small air pump kit. I got one a long time back from Slime. It's very small and powerful air compressor. The kit that Artic Dave mentioned is nice also. I have used CO2's on bike tires and they work great. I would also recommend a small battery jump box. There are many out there that are small and compact. You don't need a very big one for a ATV (ampacity wise). I have had two dead batteries on my Polaris Sportsman 500. I even have a pull start, but it don't do anything if the battery is already dead. P.S. Send me over your tire pattern so I can tell where you have been .... Rob Allison
  12. Rob Allison

    Vlf power

    Hey Guys, Speaking of iron discrimination, I'm not going to say it's great or not. However, it's not uncommon to pick up a specimen with a mixture of gold and iron with a strong magnet. Years back I was pushing a target around for a bit, then with the scoop, finally got tired and ran the magnet over it ..... GONE! A friend just happen to say, "looks like there is a small rock on your super magnet," which was attached to the top of my pick. Low and behold, it was a small specimen of quartz/iron/gold that lightly stuck to my super magnet. Just something to think about.
  13. Rob Allison

    Gold Monster 1000!!!!

    Hey Ron, Congrats. Hope the GM 1000 gets you back out there finding gold. Wishing you Health, Wellness and Gold. Rob Allison
  14. Rob Allison

    Saturday nugget shooter hunt

    I was sick .... Your nuggets were safe for now!
  15. Rob Allison

    Vlf power

    Hey Guys, I'm going to try to make it, even if it's just on Saturday. That being said, there are already things popping up on that weekend for me ....