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  1. Rob Allison

    Gold Monster 1000!!!!

    Hey Ron, Congrats. Hope the GM 1000 gets you back out there finding gold. Wishing you Health, Wellness and Gold. Rob Allison
  2. Rob Allison

    Saturday nugget shooter hunt

    I was sick .... Your nuggets were safe for now!
  3. Rob Allison

    Vlf power

    Hey Guys, I'm going to try to make it, even if it's just on Saturday. That being said, there are already things popping up on that weekend for me ....
  4. Rob Allison

    Vlf power

    Hey Fishing8046, To be honest, if I was doing nothing but hunting micro gold, I might consider the GB2. However, due to the high amounts of mineralization here in the Southwest, the Gold Monster 1000 really ground balances well and you don't have to mess around with manual ground balance, pumping the coil up and down all the time. Keep in mind, dealers did make a living selling the GoldBugs, as at one point there were no PI's to be sold. These same dealers made a living selling the early PI's, like the Minelab SD2100. In my honest opinion, the Modded SD's will not get as much gold as the GPZ 7000 if you had two very experienced operators on both. The GPZ 7000 is a different league of metal detectors and can find very porous and specimen gold that the PI's struggle to hear. I understand your thought process about how new detectors always come out and they are now the latest and greatest. For the most part, the newer detectors do have added advantages, but maybe not for everyone to keep upgrading every couple of years to just keep up with the "Jones." Have a great one, Rob Allison
  5. Rob Allison


    Hey Bill and Friends, I'm considering coming to this event. I have missed many in the past, always something pops up. I will try to make at least Saturday and Saturday evening. Let me know if I need to bring anything for the Pot Luck or whatever. I'm sure it will be a great event and many nuggets will be found. Have a great one, Rob Allison
  6. Rob Allison


    Hey Guys, Bunk's picks are awesome and you are supporting someone local to Arizona. I have know Calvin Bunker for a very long time and the quality of the picks are worth very penny. Yes, Bill sells them I believe, if not contact Bunk. You will not be disappointed with either the smaller Burro Pick or the larger blade Hermit Pick. Bunk will even potentially customize a handle length if you wanted something larger or smaller, but contact Bill or Bunk for those specific details if needed. Have a great one, Rob Allison
  7. Rob Allison

    Vlf power

    Hey Guys, I'm new here, but I have to confirm the "Minelab Gold Monster 1000" will find nuggets that small all the time, at or near bedrock. The Gold Monster 1000 is able to find nuggets well under a grain in size on bedrock, in small cracks/crevices and such. Many of these small gold nuggets are just little hits and will not read either way on the meter for the most part, so if you're watching your meter (Iron vs. Gold) and only digging targets bouncing to the right side, you're flat out missing nuggets! Just my thoughts and Congrats to all the Gold Monster gold that is now being found. Rob Allison