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  1. Hello all, I recently meet a buddy of my oldest friend who likes collecting weird rocks. My friend had told me his buddy had found some strange rocks that, my friend, thought might be meteorites. I ended up trading his buddy for a few pieces and he gave me some to have looked at. This is a piece he gave me to have looked at. Just wondering if this is Fusion Crust. I have not did a streak test and have not tested a magnet (read it destroys natural magnetic field). Thank you for the help. Edward M.
  2. Hello all, my name is Edward and I here for anything and everything. I mostly go hunting for my treasures from yard sales, flea market and swapmeets. Occasionally, I will trade for items i am interested in. My main collection areas are Central and South American artifacts and rare collectible toys. I have always bought the occassional stange or weird rock and have some to show. Thank you for the help on anything I post. Have a great life and a good find. Edward M.
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