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  1. Bedrock Bob, I appreciate your insight on the rock but as far as the "bud" goes he was talking about the pot leaf that just so happened to be labeled on my ash tray with the picture I took. There's no Pacific Northwest raised strain here lol. And with my key, good observation but there's no Sentry Model here nor is it to gain access to the back door of my home. The key was made 1 year ago and how ever the "key code" is incorrect. I do recognize your awareness and intelligence but I honestly believe you are again, incorrect along with your other observations on the rock.
  2. Trying to figure out what rock this is. Has golden flakes embedded along with reddish orange flakes. Very heavy almost as if it was lead. Was found in a backyard witnessed fallen from the sky. Does not heat up / retain heat. Cuts glass with ease without chipping nor damage to rock. Please help???
  3. All joking aside.. yes my bud ashtray was in the photos but doesn't mean my post is not serious. I really do want to figure out wth I have in my possession and to be honest the way it looks is far from anything that forms from a tool bench or a cave / quarry
  4. Okay, i'm sorry I thought you were trying to troll lol. I appreciate your input but I did just google grinder gunk build up and it does not come close to what I have here. There are way to many colors for this to be build up of some sort. Do you have any links or videos that show said build up? Because like I previously said, it does not at all match up.
  5. Only kidding about the moonshine lol .. but are you being serious about the grinder gunk? Because I honestly didn't take your post serious I thought you were kidding because how could that possibly form from gunk with what looks like crystal?
  6. Trying to figure out what this rock is. It has small golden flakes embedded inside along with orange, reddish flakes. The story behind this rock is it was found in a backyard being witnessed falling from the sky. It does have the shape of an entry from space. No man made marks found on the rock. Very heavy as if it was lead. Poor quality pictures, will update with better ones. Please help.
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