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  1. Ha! I’m from Saskatchewan, so chalk it up to something like guts plus a bit of foolishness I just clicked on that link to the “teddy bear cholla” thread, and wow some good stories and anecdotes on there! If you find a big one you can push a guy on to there and he can’t get out of it just amazing!
  2. Thanks for the great outing! It was nice to meet so many people all in the hobby. I am aiming to get more hours out there, and I learned a lot from you guys! Very grateful to have stumbled onto your website forum, and honoured to actually be there in person. I had some fun dancing around with those soft fluffy cactuses there - like cotton candy almost eh? Amazing design by nature right there - you couldn’t manufacture such an efficient seed spreader or whatever those fish hook things are on those spikey balls that jump out at ya Good Times! Thank You!
  3. Thanks for this - I want to comply with regulations, but I'm coming at this out of the blue a little bit. I should be out there for 4 or 5 hours on Saturday - I'm reading the manual of my metal detector just now
  4. Where do you get a land trust permit from? Do gas stations have that? Pardon my ignorance - I'm from Canada and winging it.
  5. I will attempt to drive out Saturday AM. If there are any regulars who need a ride from the Scottsdale area to the outing site , maybe you can message me here and I can pick you up. I have room for one or two people in my vehicle. I am from Canada and am pretty much a metal detecting rookie, but I'm interested to check out nugget hunting while we are here on holidays. I was intending on coming out last year, but it didn't pan out - so this year I might actually show up around 9 or 10 AM on Saturday! If you see a grey Volvo XC90 wave at me or something Bud
  6. I would like to come out and see, and say hello. I just joined this forum, but it seems like a club, and the timing is perfect. We will be in Scottsdale on around Nov 5th - so I can probably drive out to this site very easily right? On the Map it looks like it is about an hours drive from Scottsdale. If I was going to come out just for the day and drive home, does that sound practical? I mean, if I really like it I could come for another day too. If I had to pick one day to come, what should it be? Regards Bud
  7. Hello There! We are going to be Snowbirds this winter in the Phoenix area. I hope to have lots of time for learning about the Wild West history, and am really interested in metal detecting for relics or gold. I have watched the "Aussi Gold Hunters" TV series, and it struck me that some of the new metal detectors can make "old ground" workable again by finding deeper targets. This has me thinking that this could be the time to get a new metal detector specific to finding gold, I think there must be a big gold nugget with my name on it I'm eager to check out the de
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