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  1. I would like to come out and see, and say hello. I just joined this forum, but it seems like a club, and the timing is perfect. We will be in Scottsdale on around Nov 5th - so I can probably drive out to this site very easily right? On the Map it looks like it is about an hours drive from Scottsdale. If I was going to come out just for the day and drive home, does that sound practical? I mean, if I really like it I could come for another day too. If I had to pick one day to come, what should it be? Regards Bud
  2. Hello There! We are going to be Snowbirds this winter in the Phoenix area. I hope to have lots of time for learning about the Wild West history, and am really interested in metal detecting for relics or gold. I have watched the "Aussi Gold Hunters" TV series, and it struck me that some of the new metal detectors can make "old ground" workable again by finding deeper targets. This has me thinking that this could be the time to get a new metal detector specific to finding gold, I think there must be a big gold nugget with my name on it I'm eager to check out the desert nature and enjoy the outdoors in Arizona, and meet new friends near our Arizona Snowbird Home! Exciting!
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