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  1. thanks so much for the info guys i really appreciate it. definitely not going to give up on my meteorite dream haha, so ill be back next time i find a cool rock lol will be doing a lot more research, just difficult looking at pics online and trying to get an idea, would be easier looking at real meteorites, but no one i know has any lol, and i only got a little piece of an iron not crusted or anything :( anyway thanks again, i love this forum.
  2. thanks for the info you legend. took pics of one more of the meteor wrongs lol may as well get told im wrong twice in a day lol had this one for a few years, the patterns in it are cool
  3. why is it not a meteorite? lol my uneducated tired eyes see a meteorite lol :p please share your wisdom so i don't keep looking for the wrong rocks lol got a few other rocks ill get around to posting some day, my hands shake a lot and im awful with taking photos so might take a while
  4. video is just as bad quality as the pics but you can see the tiny flakes of metal sparkling, going to be so happy if it is a meteorite, been looking for years, would actually be a dream come true lol 20190729_170052.mp4
  5. got a lot of metal flakes dry and wet pics, not the best camera sorry
  6. back again with another probable meteor wrong, was rock hounding and picked this up somewhere along the way, was sitting in a bucket of random rocks for months before i pulled it out, caught my eye because it has a crust around it, rare earth magnet on a string is attracted to it, quite heavy for size, started filing one side can see metal in there can take more pics, random crusted terrestrial rock?
  7. concrete coloured streak, when i first cut it with my bench grinder just took a small part off it looked exactly like black glass took a bit more off with the diamond file, doesnt fracture like glass
  8. just saw these replies grinded a bit off with a diamond file, looks metallic in the light and also dark coloured, kind of different from every angle, then when i wet it looks glassy with small metal flakes, set my metal detector off strong iron signal that changed to a different signal, still have no idea what this is and its driving me insane lol
  9. daffy


    platinum silver gold have all been mined within an hour of here, 50 old gold mines within like 10 mins, heaps of metals around, but i do live on a farm and could really be any old melted metal, might just add it to my rock collection, looks pretty cool anyway, i have a detector that has a different beep for different metals it sounded exactly like gold which is why i dug it up lol, thanks guys
  10. was metal detecting along a river bank near my house on a farm mid north coast nsw australia and dug up this amongst the iron ore (there is gold in the creek too, have only panned flakes and crushed quartz), just some lead? or some melted metal? it's heavy for its size, very soft, was a quite shiny when i pulled it out of the dirt had jagged edges will post the pics, got bored while cleaning some iron stained crystallised quartz and put it in the rust remover for an hour or 2 then scrubbed it good with a tooth brush seems like i polished the outside layer off smoothed off the edges and lost qu
  11. Heavy can't weigh it on my little scales. Highly magnetic. Even worth looking inside?
  12. darn hahaha well ill see yous next time I find a cool meteor wrong lol cheers for the info and help
  13. Just streaked the black part a bunch of times. black as well with the grey
  14. Thanks so much will have to get batteries for the camera its so frustrating not being able to show exactly what im seeing lol
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