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  1. Thank you, was hoping it was saved and on display.
  2. Colonel Mason sent Lt Loeser to Washington D.C. with 230oz of Ca gold in a Tea caddy, President Polk received it Dec 1848. I can't seem to find out what happened to it. Curious if anyone knows if it still exist somewhere?
  3. Thanks everyone. Let it soak in peroxide and baking soda and an going to leave alone and find something to store it in. And will hit the area again, it definitely doesn't look like it traveled much.
  4. Mariposa, Ca area. Like to get opinions on do you clean it or let it be natural. Looks a bit fragile. I did break a small piece of gold off when I dropped it. And how do you value specimens?
  5. Had the monster out for a couple of hours and was having no luck, lots of iron. Then hit a bigger target, it was bouncing between iron and gold. Few inches down on top of bed rock a muddy chunky rock came out and I could see a little gold showing. Washed it off and it's a real beauty. Total weight is 16.6 grams, did the gravity tests and seems there's 7 grams gold.
  6. Not a dredge but built by the Yuba Dredge company. This one is up for auction. https://gobidtoday.hibid.com/lot/45656906/yuba-ball-tread-tractor-model-10-20 In 1914, the Ball Tread Company was purchased by the Yuba Construction Company, a large California firm that specialized in dredging for gold in the Yuba River, and in building gold dredging machinery. Yuba continued to sell the 12-25 and a larger 18-35 Ball Tread, building the tractors in their Marysville and Benecia plants. https://www.farmcollector.com/tractors/the-crawler-that-rolled
  7. I spent 10 mins digging in a puddle to find out it was a false signal, live and learn.
  8. Thanks everyone. So a question for the crowd. I was working the bed rock in a dry creek. There a few spots with water and when I swung over them you get a signal. Is that normal or can you turn the water out? Not sure if I explained that good enough. May rain so may get so more time to hunt.
  9. I picked up a used GM 1000 and was able to get out today for a few hours. First time defecting for gold and had a great time. Looking forward to the next time i can get away. I think I watched all of Bill's videos on the Gold Monster at least twice and was able to figure it quickly. I think I'm going to watch them again. Found some lead and a small piece of gold.
  10. Thanks for the info guys. And I had the GMT separate from the 24k. I'm really leaning towards the GM, just not in a rush work has me too busy for the next month.
  11. Thanks everyone, mostly into gold detecting now. Have a few mines that i want to check the dumps on. I've thought heavily between a gmt, 24k, gb2, or the gm. It seems the gm might the easiest to pick up and detect with. My wife wants to toy with it also and she doesn't want to mess with too much to be able to detect. I've seen a few gmt around $300, a few gb2 in the $5s. Then i watch another gold monster video. So still on the fence.
  12. New to the metal detecting thing, haven't even got a detector yet. Been looking for used gold machine and haven't found one i liked yet. Been thinking of just ordering the gold monster, looks like a killer machine. Watching bill's videos on it and am hooked. Been reading a few threads on here for a while and thought I'd join. Hello everyone!
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