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  1. As I have nothing to gain or lose by sharing this, perhaps it will be accepted on its own merit... Every single photo I sent out prior to objectively proving the rock's origin (space), I was told in various ways, mostly condescendingly, of how stupid or how wrong I was. From forum members, to academic professionals. However as I am self-taught, I had the experience to persevere, based on prior experiences in other endeavors during my lifetime. Many of you likely know of a professor who is well known for accepting pictures from the public; in fact it is his list of "realities" tha
  2. ah yes I have some like those - Thank you for your contribution - It seems I've stumbled onto something extraordinary ! Perhaps its bad of me but I often have used a wire brush to remove the browish dust and rust because I am trying to prevent further rusting. It is a wet area and the rust pockets can hold moisture and eat into the interior
  3. I was using a meteorite stick, home-made and yes it is unusual :D:D In fact its downright out of place
  4. It was cleaned off, it is black (crust portions) with some dust on it making it look grey -- It is extremely magnetic and is blueish color "inside" I am wondering if it just a bad photo session -- but regardless, thank you and I think I may have a fully covered "poop" find I will post you shortly :D:D The question is, what could account for a hunk of iron like this - or what else could -- I am well read on the subject and basically know all what to look for if that helps I also have a microscope to examine what I can (I dont have the ability to cut my own slices, yet:P) The shape
  5. I think you guys were thinking that I would be stuck on this being a meteorite or something - I am merely playing devils advocate And with this stone it was more so if anyone could look past the obvious and tell me why not based on the look (in other words, assuming the crust disintegrated in situ) - or even better what kind of igneous rock it looks like to someone in-the-know Anyway, my apologies - I should have said right off the bat that I am not being a silly stubborn newb :P Please check out my new thread, Thanks againfellas
  6. Some meteorites, although rare, are not magnetic at all - There is no quartz, layers, or bubbles and it has iron nickel -- and I was simply stating a characteristics that did apply as you said there none! In actuality though it satisfies nearly all Most meteorites should have some magnetic reaction, this also depends on the strength of the magnet
  7. This is why when I visit the area I make sure to give the care taking family some freshly baked cookies chalk filled with ambien and sometimes valium... They are usually lights out for about 12 hours, which is enough time to get my crew in with the heavy machinery. I suggest peanut butter cookies as they tend to enjoy those the most.
  8. I am noticing a trend in how quickly people write off potential meteorites... Based on every textbook I've been able to find, all literature on the subject it becomes clear that without chemical analysis or at least a slice under microscope it is silly to make "definite" statements -- ie. You'll find that most people will simply tell you its not a meteorite as they are playing the odds.. A good way to get a laugh is to post a picture of what you know to be meteorite material and watch 99% of people tell you its junk
  9. Interesting take however it is magnetic, turns black if you hold it and has a very thin crust to it It also has high density, in fact it displays nearly all "do-it-yourself" characteristics --- Under a microscope it does not disappoint either - --- Of course I am playing devils advocate here but it was found in an area with clear sign of ancient habitation, eoliths litter the area Please be sure to check my next few posts and thanks for the reply good sir
  10. Thank you for taking a look! Please provide your thoughts and I will certainly appreciated reading them!
  11. I have just created an account, glad to be here ! Will be needing your help in considering several finds... I will be posting my first pics momentarily.
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