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  1. @Greg L i am pretty sure it isnt leverite. I would have picked it up also. Approximately what area was it found?
  2. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @Au Seeker I grew up in Franklin Tn alot of Civil war battles in that area. Never really looked for relics when i was living there . Would love to do that now im sure its pretty picked over but i am sure there are areas that havent been detected.
  3. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @Au Seeker thank you for the welcome. How is the au hunting in South Carolina?
  4. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @Desertpilot Thanks my son showed me this site. I looking forward to meeting some new prospectors.
  5. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @LowPoint, Thank you for the welcome. I found some of my first gold in Prescott love that town.
  6. I have been metal dectecting for about 3 years and I am a member in the desert gold diggers and GPAA. I swing a Garret AT gold not the best but i have found gold with it. Look forward to talking and meeting other prospectors. THEACE115 is my son and prospecting partner just thought i would name drop.