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  1. Alex kicked my butt today he was on fire. I think the golden toad brought him some luck. Had a blast hunting with you today. 

  2. Leverite

    Some Day After Turkey Day Color

    Alex kick my butt today he was on fire finding the golden toad and the nuggets great job Alex had a blast hunting with you today!
  3. @Greg L i am pretty sure it isnt leverite. I would have picked it up also. Approximately what area was it found?
  4. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @Au Seeker I grew up in Franklin Tn alot of Civil war battles in that area. Never really looked for relics when i was living there . Would love to do that now im sure its pretty picked over but i am sure there are areas that havent been detected.
  5. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @Au Seeker thank you for the welcome. How is the au hunting in South Carolina?
  6. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @Desertpilot Thanks my son showed me this site. I looking forward to meeting some new prospectors.
  7. Leverite

    New Tucson member

    @LowPoint, Thank you for the welcome. I found some of my first gold in Prescott love that town.
  8. I have been metal dectecting for about 3 years and I am a member in the desert gold diggers and GPAA. I swing a Garret AT gold not the best but i have found gold with it. Look forward to talking and meeting other prospectors. THEACE115 is my son and prospecting partner just thought i would name drop.