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  1. Wow that’s awesome! I wish I would’ve had more time out there. I’m not sure when I’ll get back out on this side of the states but it won’t be soon enough.
  2. Meteorite hunter only Air BnB $$$ I’d rent it 😬
  3. It’s true! No coords but it was certainly nice to know that the area I was headed to was indeed somewhere that was accurate. I’m hooked now though 😬
  4. I’m sure I would! Yes sir I am, Kirtland is like my second home. Aerial gunner turned instructor flight engineer on the combat search and rescue H-60s. I’m back here for an aircraft mishap investigator course. Appreciate your service.
  5. There was a guy in a camper parked along the road that parallels the tracks to the West of me so I tried to stay shy of that area. I assumed he was rock hunting as well. I looked all over along the road and in the fields close to it. I completely struck out and ended up finding two in a blowout area that had fairly loose dirt along where rain water must have ran through earlier that week. I also looked around the areas with vegetation. I almost threw in the towel because there were so many rocks and I don’t have “the eye” yet.
  6. North side of the tracks, roughly in this area. I didn’t want to press my luck hopping the fence along the tracks.
  7. I don’t know about all that but thanks it was good fun!
  8. Hotter than September in Delaware 😬! It’s beautiful out West though I try to get out this way every so often for training. I’ll take desert heat to the nasty 24/7 Florida humidity any day!
  9. Great news! I made use of my time at Holbrook this weekend. It was very hot and I thought my rental might get stuck but with the help of Bob and other guys on this forum I got where I needed to be and after a few hours of scavenging around I found some little Holbrook mets. I think the rain we had earlier in the week and the high winds played to my advantage as most of the top layer had been mixed around quite a bit. Thanks for the help with my first finds!
  10. Hey Gents, I’m temporarily in ABQ, NM and was hoping to go hunt what may be left over in Correo. I got intel that the Met bul location is off and also what I could find on google was wrong. I ordered the Rocks From Space book in hopes to get the detailed info on the site, however the seller took too long to mail it and it may not arrive before I leave town. If anyone has this info please PM me. Thanks in advance! -Dave
  11. Thanks for all the useful info guys! -Dave
  12. Greetings, I’m new to the group and also to meteorite hunting. While I am fairly well read into hunting techniques, equipment, identification and such, I am completely a novice at going out into the field to hunt. That being said I’m on temporary duty assignment in Albuquerque, NM and I plan on taking full advantage of my weekends off to go hunt some rocks before I return to the meteorite absent state of Florida I understand people are hush hush about sites they had success and for $$good reasons but I do plan to check out Glorieta (legally), Correo (if I can get more info), and possibly drive out to try my luck at Franconia as well. I’m strictly in this for a hobby and have no intention of selling any finds so if If anyone has the time and would like to join me PM me. Weekends is when I’m free! Any other locations you gents can suggest I’d be thoroughly grateful! Cheers!
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