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  1. I have to agree with bedrock Bob the first thing that I thought was that looks like a piece of roofing tar. But it's definitely not a meteorite. I could see a truck going down the road in a piece falling off of roofing tar from their Hot Tar plant that they dragged behind their truck when they mopping hot tar on a roof on not saying it couldn't be obsidian I just don't know how it would get there.
  2. Here is my small piece I picked up in Tucson from mike farmer
  3. Hey guys are there any prospecting supply stores in Tucson?
  4. I have a few question on building a Sluice Box How wide should i build it if i am planing on using a recirculating water system? i have the miners moss at 12" x 36" and the expanded metal at 12" x 36" and 36" x 18 " flashing for a 12" x 3" x 36" box and also black deep grove rubber matting. How many GPM or LPM pump should i buy? What you you guys suggest to make the riffles out of or the best way that worked for you. Thanks Kyle
  5. Tom i know some guys get together and buy sell and trade but it might be on a commercial level i am not sure the guy i know from chandler was just over there last week. i would be interested in doing something like that. let me know if you want to try to start up something like that. i live over in the bootheal of New Mexico and would consider coming over for something like that. Thanks Kyle
  6. Bob I love to talk about it sometime I don't think my huevos are big enough for me to do any prospecting over in Mexico but here in Hildago County or over near you or in Arizona somewhere I think I can handle.😀 the place I'm referring to as Hillsboro is actually a lot closer to Lake Valley I was thinking about heading over that way on Saturday unless I can find something closer to me over here.
  7. Hello all my name is Kyle I've been prospecting on a very limited scale for the last 20 years by that I mean like 4 or 5 times over that time period. Mainly in Merced California and Happy Camp California area. And I am now in the bootheel of New Mexico and starting to look around for places to do a little prospecting down here. I understand you can find some gold near Hillsboro. I was a land surveyor for over 20 years and have some experience over in that area and know where there's some good black sand just from my hiking looking for survey corners. If anyone here would like to come once I fi
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