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  1. Here's one of those rusty ones. I probably take this one out more than any other. I've been in that situation with a too large muzzloader. Tried 3D printing the perfect sabot, but gave up on that project before achieving any success.
  2. picture of that Italian shotgun, it really was a thing of beauty. Alas, a little rich for my blood
  3. I think it's unlikely, but possible your encore is rifled for round ball. (Deeper groves and slower twist). I really prefer round ball for the economy and the ability to buy ball in thousandths of an inch increments for a snug fit. But very hard to find muzzloaders, especially in-lines, that are set up for round ball. Here is mine. A michigan arms wolverine. The first ever 209 inline!
  4. Nice deer there nugget! A number of conversations going here. Thanks for the welcome Bob. Yes, there are less hunters every year in most states, and it's nice to find people who know what they are doing in the field. I know the pucker factor of carrying a too nice gun. I had, for a short while, an absolutely gorgeous Ceasar Guerni magnus light 20g- basically a $4000 Italian dream gun- I was carrying that while climbing a steep talus slope, thinking I'm an idiot; about to ruin this heirloom that costs more than my truck! It was okay though. I have owned a bull barrel savage 10 (newer one with
  5. Squirrels are endlessly fascinating to me. 7 varieties of tree squirrels in Arizona, more than any other state, because of the sky island effect.
  6. attaboy! Great thing about pistol hunting is being able to snake through the really thick stuff in the bottoms. dan wesson .44 mag here. With the interchangeable barrel lengths, thread in compensators, and my home-brew shrouds, it's a versatile platform. And I've finally settled on a good handload: 240 grain jacketed flat points over true blue powder. Groups are half the size they were with factory ammo. Haven't taken anything at long range, but my confidence out to 75 yards is very high now.
  7. BTW I sold a finbear delux in .30-06 to buy the 1885 above. I tell people the mint 60's era finbear was just too nice to hunt with, but honestly I'm a skinny guy and the recoil on that rifle was brutal on me.
  8. Some nice rifles in this thread! I'm a gunsmith and industrial designer in the firearms industry. These are two my go-to hunting rifles. A modern henry in .17 And an 1885 in .243 I'm working on a 6.5 creed' elk gun based on a left hand tikka action. I also hunt with muzzloaders (.54 round ball pistol and rifle). My real specialty is pistol and bow hunting though.
  9. Thanks again, I'm now finding the information I was looking for. It would have taken me a long time to figure that out! I'm glad I'm in Yavapai! The system is pretty slick.
  10. Thank you very much. Yes, I can easily imagine the map being tax-centric. That would explain the missing claims. Thanks for the further resources.
  11. Thanks for replying. That might account for what I am seeing. But the map I'm looking at shows mining claims apart from the regular property lines. Some mirror the border of the private property underneath. But it also shows other mining claims that are on national forest land. I called it the assessor's map because they maintain an interactive map which shows all sorts of stuff: zoning/ property lines/ district boundaries/ flood zones/ land use/ hydrology/ contour lines/ GMU boundaries/ etc etc. Including mining claims. They also maintain the online public portal to other maps like cri
  12. So Yavapai County has a great interactive map, that can show tremendous amounts of information, including current mining claims. I'm starting to suspect that it is showing mostly just patented claims. Some claims I have found in the field, and in 2000s era reports are not shown on the county map. Before calling the assessor's office I thought I'd ask here: Does the Yavapai county Map show all/ or just some mining claims? Thanks.
  13. Hi all. Been living in Arizona for 2 years. I'm a gunsmith and industrial designer. I spend my free time exploring rocky areas. Haven't found any gold yet, but I'm just starting to get serious about it. Nice to meet you all.
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