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  1. Thanks clay. I think I'll pay their office a visit next week. If I gain anything usefull i'll be sure to share it.
  2. Just got off the phone with AZ State land. According to them ALL state trust land ( These lands were designated to support essential public institutions, primarily public schools. State trust land managers lease and sell these lands to generate revenue for current and future designated beneficiaries) is off limits to any prospecting. BUT not all state land is closed to prospecting. Can anyone help with this. Don't want any fines or worse. Pat
  3. Thank you all for your input. Living in Goodyear, I'm close to the wickenburg area, thus Hot rock . I sent Bill an email 7-10 days ago, but no response. probably hit his spam. I'll try again. Again thanks, Pat
  4. As a newbie I can honestly say I am almost overwhelmed with the selections of detectors out there. Not only the manufactures, but the sub categories for each brand. Then there are which headphones to get. And others suggesting an audio amplifier. And so forth. I'm specifically interested in gold hunting and have narrowed my selection to either a minelab, or whites. Preferably used ( a cash thing ) . Can anyone offer some suggestions to help with my dilemma. I know many of you have been in my shoes. Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply. Pat
  5. Greetings from Goodyear AZ. Newbie here looking to learn all that I can. Good hunting to all.
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