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  1. That's either a good or bad sign. That can go either way. Get bad news and why go back to the forum or get good news and it not even cross your mind to go back and let strangers know. I'll be sure not to be that guy. Haha
  2. Do you know anything about what happened with his test results. He left a lot to be answered..
  3. Do you happen to know what this came back up ass by any chance? I am very curious of this guys end analysis
  4. What were the results?!?! This is the story I was talking about in our message
  5. Do you know of the out come of this story from a year ago?
  6. I'm Shawn, from Ohio and I am excited to be apart of these forums. I love anything old, rare, unique etc.... From old relics, to coins, gold, jewels, petrified wood and last but not least Meteorites! I'm a Metal Detector Enthuist, with the love of doing the research to start an adventure. Searching old archives of maps, atlas and deeds is very interesting to me, along with geologic maps of old glaciers and the maps of old Indian trails/sites. Time flies and history today seems to be more and more irrelevant to my generation of millenials and younger. I hope to help change that attitude by unea
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