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    Gold, HAM radio, food.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Bruce!


  2. I have a Mac computer and several cans of span, I'll give it a try. Seems like an expensive meal though. Bruce
  3. Check out Bill's videos he just did a training session on the Gold Monster. You won't find a better teacher.
  4. Or if: and if a frog had a clutch in his A$$, he could ease Off a off lilli pad and and not have to jump!
  5. Happy birthday Tom. Don't burn yourself.
  6. I could give many recipe sources for jerky, bit people seem to want only one, with details. Google or what ever "Biltong", it is easy and very good. Tastes a little different than what you expect. Good protein source And good flavor.
  7. I'm impressed that you have battery backup.
  8. I sometimes make boiled coffee and made percolator coffee, it's the best. I like strong coffee the kind you have chew be for swallowing. My ex-wife once stoped by an ask me if would make her some navy coffee. I bought her a small percolator. Bruce
  9. Testimony Time I have buying from Uncle Ron now for 3-4 months and I will tell you that this stuff works for Me. I feel better than I have for several years and I have much less pain from arthritis. I also don't fall as ofter (need a new knee). I refer to it as MAGIC OIL. Thank Uncle Ron!!! Bruce
  10. Hey Bruce...I'm fixing to reorder CBD inventory...How's your CBD oil stash holding up?  Cheers, Unc

    1. Bruce Castle

      Bruce Castle

      It's time for me to reorder, I'll send the order to tomorrow.

      It will be for four bottles of the 2500 mg.

      Mike is probably running out and he is in chemotherapy.

      Not feeling well at all.


    2. Uncle Ron

      Uncle Ron

      Hey Bruce, I received your order and have it all packaged and boxed and ready to go out ... Thank you very much...I'm so glad this is working for you and your friend ... That's what Dodacious and I have experienced and also Dodie's family ... Her step mom has stage 4 cancer and is taking it for the chemo effects ... Thank you again for your order and your public support on Bill's forum ... Cheers, Ron

  11. Falling is my middle name, I fall all of the time. I have torn both rotator cuffs, gone from the frome top of stairs to the bottom on my face, sprained my neck and broken my ribs several times. I am a professional at falling. I know what's like. Get better and be careful. Uncle Ron has given the best relief with what he sells, I don't fall as often and have less pain. Bruce g
  12. Suppose some one ends up cutting their finger or a rat contamination should occur, would become cannibals? I would rather create the woman of my dreams and be dead the next day. Bruce
  13. Congratulations Uncle Ron, I'm glad us old farts still have our hopes and dreams!!!! Good on ya.
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