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  1. Hey Bruce...I'm fixing to reorder CBD inventory...How's your CBD oil stash holding up?  Cheers, Unc

  2. Bruce Castle

    Took a Fall

    Falling is my middle name, I fall all of the time. I have torn both rotator cuffs, gone from the frome top of stairs to the bottom on my face, sprained my neck and broken my ribs several times. I am a professional at falling. I know what's like. Get better and be careful. Uncle Ron has given the best relief with what he sells, I don't fall as often and have less pain. Bruce g
  3. Bruce Castle

    Having fun now......

    Suppose some one ends up cutting their finger or a rat contamination should occur, would become cannibals? I would rather create the woman of my dreams and be dead the next day. Bruce
  4. Bruce Castle

    Happy Thankgivings

  5. Bruce Castle

    Gold Monster 1000!!!!

    Congratulations Uncle Ron, I'm glad us old farts still have our hopes and dreams!!!! Good on ya.
  6. Bruce Castle

    Four Prop Drive

    Looks like it would be difficult to tow. Can you imagine what It would be like if you hit a stump, a big pile of sliced lunch meat for the animals to fight over.
  7. Bruce Castle

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    Alien probes are often seen at border crossings, better known as a proctoscope. This is for detecting drugs. Sorry I couldn't resist, I was a navy hospital corpsman in the "60s.
  8. Bruce Castle

    Dutch Oven?

    I must have 5 or 6 different dutch ovens, hard to beat if you only have one way of cooking every thing. Here is another site with great ideas. http://www.dutchovendude.com/dutch-oven-recipes.php
  9. Bruce Castle

    Dutch Oven?

    Some Dutch Oven Stuff. Visit here to get ideas as to what you want. http://www.justdutchovenrecipes.com
  10. Bruce Castle

    Newcomers beware

    You first post was a whine and now you have throne yourself on the ground and are spinning there on your shoulder kicking your feet. My brother grows grapes, he makes his own wine for his family. If the time of the year is right I may be able to get a bag of sour grapes for you.
  11. Bruce Castle

    Newcomers beware

    Would you like some crackers and cheese with your whine?
  12. Bruce Castle

    Newcomers beware

    Snow Flakes don't last vey long in the desert.
  13. Bruce Castle

    Equinox firmware Update

    There is a firmware update for the Equinox! The download is on the MinLab web site.