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  1. Looking forward to the release Goldseeker. Put my pre order in a few months ago. Take care.
  2. Need to get better with pin pointing with that 7000. Sure can be time consuming, especially the darn steel bb’s. The gold monster sure makes quick work of finding the dug targets though.
  3. Nice picture Ace. Can’t wait to see the video. Was a beautiful day. We sure did dig a lot of trash for that gold. Sure enjoyed using the new pick.
  4. Wow man. Awesome. Way to go!
  5. Awesome day! Glad that the days are starting to finally cool down. Had a great time out with you guys. Look forward to doing it again. Video with the new camera came out awesome. Make sure to keep a D11 pick around for me!!
  6. Like the videos man. I shot you a pm.
  7. Wow, very nice guys. Ironically I was thinking about going out yesterday to but somehow ended up in a I brake for bedrock/nugget shooter journal YouTube spiral. Pretty surprised you guys went out during the day and not the night.
  8. Looking forward to it. Have not gone to one of these outing yet. Hopefully there is enough room in this area for a 40’ toy hauler? See y’all soon.
  9. Yes, both have good gold. Greaterville been hard lately with all the grass.
  10. Honestly it depends. I have no one spot I always go. Usually I am in the arivaca or greaterville areas.
  11. Probably find more with the dry washer but am tired of shoveling .Enjoying exploring the desert with the detectors. GMT is good. Both machines definitely have there place. Hoping I might have good luck with the GPZ in some of the deeper ground in my area . If not I guess my right arm with just get really strong for holding the GMT.
  12. Whites GMT, just got a GPZ though.
  13. Anyone here a Tucsonan that would be interested in possibly joining up and nugget detecting on the weekends together? Or perhaps maybe there is a small group on here that does this already that might not mind having another person? I am GPAA and DGD.
  14. Very nice, more than I have found since March...
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