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  1. Can Am makes a great product, I don't think you could go wrong with the Outlander, I have driven and road most everything out there and have had a lot of great times on them - that said when my Yamaha Bear Cat finally needed replaced this year I opted to buy the Razer, I tried everything out there and decided that the Razer was the best bang for the buck. Most of my friends that ride in a fashion that will destroy your ride, have all grown partial to the Polaris. I punish the hell out of mine and it never fails to carry me home in style. The affordable after market options are great, the car
  2. I was approached while I was digging a detector hit on the California coast by a Game Officer, He asked me what I was doing?I looked (past my detector)and up at him and replied "I am Fishing" he pulled out his pen and began writing, He then asked what I was fishing for? I replied " steel head that is what the detectors is for!" he got offended and told me I could not detect on the beach. I asked him what law forbids it and he could not answer the question. He made a few long radio calls and went away mad! I had already checked the laws regarding that beach and there was nothing prohibiting m
  3. Ronald Regan engaged this very debate during his Presidency when he pardoned his friend whom was cited on BLM land for picking up an arrow head he spotted while riding his horse! Surface collecting is as American as baseball and apple pie according to him! it is one of the many reasons I still salute his picture every time I pass by! FYI He was also fond of chopping wood and chainsaw carving.
  4. If you hang around this boulder long enough you will eventually see a crazy coyote trying to push it down the hill during bird season!
  5. Honestly have no clue on this one, though it is a nice find! good eye!
  6. Looks like obsidian that cooled on snow or a shallow stream to me.
  7. Hawks and war clubs varied greatly from tribe to tribe, region to region - and iron replaced stone in only a decade much like the musket replaced the bow, Bows varied greatly as well. Plains Tribes made very long powerful bows to drop large game from great distance. Woodland tribes made less powerful short bows because they could get very close to the smaller game and one can not run through a forest with a long bow very easily. Coastal tribes used short bows and often poisoned the tips even for hunting, much like the primitive south American tribes still do today. Not every tomahawk was made
  8. I am betting that is a native tomahawk, Spanish blacksmiths took great pride and detail in their work, even horse shoes. Spanish horse shoes for example have always had counter sunk nail holes and until the industrial revolution no one else took the effort. I learned that from an old Archaeologist years ago working a 16th century Spanish wreck. All of the Spanish axes and even mallets I have seen on wrecks had shaft or handle holes. Many native pieces I have seen had no holes or grooves and look much like the flint or obsidian ones. when they where set to the wood handle properly with jer
  9. I have had many great finds but in terms of getting struck by lightening luck, this one would be my favorite! Interior cranial case from an extinct species of Bison with intact Double flute Clovis Culture Point I donated it and the site to the National museum / State of Nevada. It challenged conventional early human migration paths and placed the Clovis culture in Nevada at least 13000 years ago. Suspected oldest human habitation site in Nevada. Notice some ones Off Road tire track ( top left) that is as close as it gets to loss of a national treasure. Human artifacts with b
  10. I agree hole heartedly - There are many great PD, DA , AG, and Judges that deserve medals , The sad fact is that it only takes a one bad apple to spoil any bucket. It is why our system is not perfect! Though we always have to remember we are (only) human. We all make bad calls from time to time. I watched the O.J. trial like every other American and when so many careers where being destroyed by opinion I was shocked. Take for example Mark Furman, as the media was demolishing his career I could not help but think back about the same man, when he was the only person on earth still trying to g
  11. That Armstrong nugget easily explains the gold Rush spreading across the state faster than a forest fire! If I found that on my claim I would never leave the mountain. I would look kike a dirty old hobbit, and every time someone saw me I would be talking to myself saying My Precious, my orecious, my Precious!
  12. some times when I'm digging hard soil - I think about old mine shafts and stamp mills gaining great respect for the dedication of the old time miners!
  13. great photo, are we looking at an stamp mill here or am I reading to much into it?
  14. I am not an authority on law, but I have a firm grasp on much or it. And there is no real way to answer the Question. The Laws are National, Federal, State, and Local. It depends first on What country you are when you detect or make a discovery. For example arrive in Rome with a metal detector in your baggage , And you just donated your Metal Detector! Not kidding - toughest antiquity laws in the world other than maybe Egypt. The USSR did not like them either, Former Provence ( Kiev) had no issues with detectors and it is a fairly common hobby over there. I highly recommen
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