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  1. Wow, that’s what Bedrock looks like ?
  2. I was not aware of that, I was 12B30 myself.
  3. This is now 400 miles from where I reside, but I must admit, this type of stuff is why I bought that book. These too, they seemed to line up for great distances . I'm sure they were just Sheepherder monuments or something.
  4. Here is one that I drove by quite a bit, wishing it would Tell me something.
  5. I call this my Flinstone era Lombardi trophy.
  6. Thanks Mike, that’s what I was looking for.
  7. I am the noobe and interested in this event, is there a place for info on what to bring and what to expect ?
  8. I would think something to do with a car jack. ??
  9. Found this a few years back in Nevada. It was under a bunch of cedar duff and still has the bullet in the chamber. It is a Maynard Carbine .50 cal
  10. New old guy here. Checking in from Page, AZ, one of the youngest communities in the Nation and believe me, not a lot of History or Gold. Done my share of Detecting, mostly in mining areas of Nevada. Looking forward to being a part of this Site, hopefully I can contribute some interesting Stuff, someday.
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