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  1. Very interesting. I’m going to try this step by step, just to familiarize myself with the process. Thank You, this is above and beyond !
  2. Thanks Chrisski, mighty generous ! Just updated my profile, I’m now in Searchlight, NV. Going on 3 weeks now since the last U-Haul load. Might have to edit my handle too, but then, I did remain zero finds in Arizona while in AZ.
  3. Good info. Thank you. If I go through an area, relic hunting or “Prospecting “, I leave no trace. Not much of a prospector though.
  4. Thanks guys !! I’ve tinkered around on that site, but usually end up getting frustrated or lost in the maps. I’ll keep after it .
  5. Just wondering if there are some video tutorials on this Site that show how to go about making sure some property isn’t Claimed up, private property, State trust land, etc. etc.
  6. Good luck Redsnow. I’ve been following your progress on that other website too.
  7. I know the feeling. I moved from a “history rich area” to one not so rich. After about 3 years, I reluctantly hit some local parks. It was a learning experience, I eventually got picky, digging only quarter and dime signals, with my xterra 705. After reaching my goal, that too went by the wayside for the last year or two. Now in the process of relocating to an area with some History and some Gold in the area.
  8. What a day ! Congrats. Reminds me of some of my hunts a few years back around the Pioche area.
  9. You’re probably still shaking. Outstanding ! It gives us all hope.
  10. Thanks clay, I will look that up. Don’t want to unknowingly Tresspass.
  11. Is this land posted with signs ? Where can you find out where these State Lands are ?
  12. Great news. That’s a bunch of Signing. (Writers cramps)
  13. I’m with Cooper. I like to hear around me, if the Winds blowing too hard, I’ll get out the Minelab phones that came with the unit .
  14. Just wondering if there is a simple test to see if this is Galena. I found it a few years ago, with the detector. It was just out there all by it self in the middle of nowhere. Very heavy for its size
  15. This one caught my eye the other day. Reasonably certain it’s Natural, tho
  16. Nice find and Good Story. Still looking for my first Indian after 6 or 7 years of detecting. I have several Seated's, a large cent, a 2 cent, and even a few 3 cents, but no Indian. It's gonna be special.
  17. I believe this is an example of a concretion. With a Moqui marble
  18. Wonder what restrictions the BLM and Forest Service could come up with for these ? 🤔
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