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  1. What a day ! Congrats. Reminds me of some of my hunts a few years back around the Pioche area.
  2. You’re probably still shaking. Outstanding ! It gives us all hope.
  3. Thanks clay, I will look that up. Don’t want to unknowingly Tresspass.
  4. Is this land posted with signs ? Where can you find out where these State Lands are ?
  5. Great news. That’s a bunch of Signing. (Writers cramps)
  6. I’m with Cooper. I like to hear around me, if the Winds blowing too hard, I’ll get out the Minelab phones that came with the unit .
  7. Just wondering if there is a simple test to see if this is Galena. I found it a few years ago, with the detector. It was just out there all by it self in the middle of nowhere. Very heavy for its size
  8. This one caught my eye the other day. Reasonably certain it’s Natural, tho
  9. Nice find and Good Story. Still looking for my first Indian after 6 or 7 years of detecting. I have several Seated's, a large cent, a 2 cent, and even a few 3 cents, but no Indian. It's gonna be special.
  10. I believe this is an example of a concretion. With a Moqui marble
  11. Wonder what restrictions the BLM and Forest Service could come up with for these ? 🤔
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