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  1. OferAZ

    My First Indian Head Penny

    Nice find and Good Story. Still looking for my first Indian after 6 or 7 years of detecting. I have several Seated's, a large cent, a 2 cent, and even a few 3 cents, but no Indian. It's gonna be special.
  2. OferAZ

    Mystery "rock"

    I believe this is an example of a concretion. With a Moqui marble
  3. OferAZ

    Four Prop Drive

    Wonder what restrictions the BLM and Forest Service could come up with for these ? 🤔
  4. OferAZ


    Not sure where that is, I'm suspecting up around Lovelock. These were found 11 or 12 miles Northwest of Pioche.
  5. OferAZ


    This section needs a little bump so I dug into some old pics and found one of my best Coin finds from a few years back in Nevada. 3 nickels and a dime in one hole.
  6. For the Long sleeves, I would recommend the Huk brand. I use this for fishing in Hot weather and it’s comfortable. For big Floppy hats, the ones from Sun Protection Zone are nice. And, if you can get your regular doctor to prescribe it, get some Fluorouracil, the Skin Doctors hate it !
  7. OferAZ

    Lee's Ferry

    Looks like I have some research to do, as well !😳
  8. Found this on the Kaibab over the weekend. Not sure what you would call it. ( Not the Dollar Bill). 😁
  9. OferAZ


    Wow, that’s what Bedrock looks like ?
  10. OferAZ

    Jeff Williams

    I was not aware of that, I was 12B30 myself.
  11. This is now 400 miles from where I reside, but I must admit, this type of stuff is why I bought that book. These too, they seemed to line up for great distances . I'm sure they were just Sheepherder monuments or something.
  12. Here is one that I drove by quite a bit, wishing it would Tell me something.
  13. I call this my Flinstone era Lombardi trophy.
  14. OferAZ

    November 2018 fall outing poll

    Thanks Mike, that’s what I was looking for.