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  1. Anyone who has hunted nuggets, has encountered tiny pieces of rusty metal, hair size bits of screen wire, tacks, etc. This is especially true if you happen to be working an area that the Old Timers worked during the depression era. It's bad enough to deal with bird shot, so to eliminate some of the frustration of bad targets this will help. Get a piece of 1/2" PVC about 7" in length, put a cow magnet in it or a stack of 3 or 4 disc magnets, then cap each end. You now have a handy "wand" to help sort out bad/false targets quicker, before going through the hand to scoop scene & knowing tha
  2. Hi Knifemaker84. I thought about a rifle bipod too, since I have one on a rifle. Then I considered the extra weight, which tends to get heavier the longer you swing the detector LOL! This is the minimum of parts & light weight.
  3. I thought I would show an alternate idea for a Gold Monster stand that is not cumbersome & easy to put together without gluing! Mine is mounted on one of Doc's upper stems & a half inch fitting goes on pretty tight, so I cut slots on both sides to help mount it, then secured it with a hose clamp. Not being glued, makes it easy to adjust the height of the stand by shortening or lengthening the straight pipes. Everything is half inch size PVC. Enjoy!
  4. Thank you all for the welcome! Tom H. mentioned braking & fixing stuff. Along that line, I'm handy at fixing old tube style radios. Used to be in radio & TV repair at various shops before transistors came in. I also spend some time shooting, mostly handguns, been shooting since my teen age years. Love spending time in the desert, especially when it's in bloom! I've been in the antelope valley since 1970(that's where the space shuttles were built). They would occasionally land at Edward's AFB here in the valley. Been hoping to re-settle in Arizona for quite some time. One of two daugh
  5. I just joined up, I was familiar with Bill due to a seminar he & Kevin Hoagland gave some time ago on the finer points of using metal detectors for gold. I've been detecting since 1971, but got more involved in gold prospecting with detectors after my back no longer allowed me to do much drywashing. Mostly I hunt north of Randsburg in the El Paso moutains. My tools are the Gold bug 2, Gold bug pro & a recent addition of the Nokta Au Gold finder machine. I'm just about 78 yrs old, still sharp & am getting around well in the out back. Looking forward to exchanging info with like mi
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