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  1. Thanks you so much, this is some great stuff, I love it! Very interesting, Thanks for the info and I will look into that. I wish I could remember, This trip was over a half a decade ago and I haven't been in WI since. Like I said above that it was somewhere in the Black River WI- Best of luck
  2. Hope everyone is having a good Friday! Yes, I would say so. Its smooth as in there are no jagged ends or parts. I hope these are sufficient.
  3. I originally got on here to get opinions on what material it was made out of. People gave great information about it and your comments are very open minded and thought provoking.. I guess bringing up the seer stone aspect of it got this thread off topic. Sorry for that and thank you for taking the time to say these things. Would it be possible to find what material it is made out of without compromising the stone? e.g cutting into it or a chunk off You said it was a volcanic rock or weathered granite, this kind of information was what I was looking for. Thanks again!
  4. I believe it helped me with rapid spiritual growth at first and now I usually have an intense feeling of love and/or infatuation to it when I hold it. The weird thing is that I feel like it (conduit stone) is sending it back to me just as intensely. At the risk of being ridiculed I will also say I put it under my pillow sometimes and have really clear, realistic, uncontrollable, spontaneous, clairvoyant dreams. Haha maybe I should try to duck-tape it to my forehead before i go to sleep
  5. Morlock, Thanks for commenting. I see, thats pretty cool. Maybe I thought it was odd because its my Seer Stone those Mormons keep talking about! :P
  6. Thanks for the comment even if the first part was snarky... sorry its not solid gold. :P Funny because we found it up North in Wisconsin black river. The odd thing out was the divots in it and the odd color of it to the other stones. Volcanic rock is out of the question...probably granite like you said. should i delete thread now? Thanks!
  7. Found this rock when I was fishing, thought it looked odd.. maybe you guys can tell me otherwise? Thanks!
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