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  1. 1901 Gold Half Sovereign - Victoria Old Head - London - CTX 3030.
  2. Hi Relichunter2016! Sorry for the late answer! No "rado" is not a part of my surname, it is like in "eldorado" - a pun!
  3. Excellent find! Well done! Could you share the settings on the Nox and how deep was the nugget - if it is not a secret of course? Thanks!
  4. OK! It may take a while before I have anything to report.
  5. Thanks Mike! I intend to buy an Equinox 800 ,with the 6 inch coil it should be as good as the GM1000.
  6. Hi! My name is Vladimir. I am a Bulgarian but I live in the UK . I use CTX 3030 - still on the learning curve! I intend to try gold nugget detecting in Bulgaria and I am fishing for info. Great forum!
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