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  1. Bill......I just asked UncleRon this on another thread. Doing some research the other day about gas bubbles in meteors I did find a page that showed a moon rock cut open and it did have gas bubbles in it, and I believe on it. Is this true? Can moon rocks have gas bubbles?
  2. Uncle Ron.......Though I have found a few GB meteors I am by no means as expert. Everytime I find something strange I do more research. So this is a serious question. I read on the interweb that moon rocks can have gas bubbles? Fact or fiction?
  3. Thanks for the advice Rick. I think some here didn't understand where I was coming from. Once I realized that a meteor could not have that gas bubble, although there has been meteors found with internal gas bubbles moon rocks for one, the bubbles did not resemble this slag in any way. What I was trying to say was how in the hell did this piece of slag show up on my driveway, right next to my pick up. Look at the pick I posted earlier of what it looked like when I picked it up, It's not something that I would miss I would think. It was clean black and stuck out like a sore thumb. We haven't had
  4. Bedrock......That's just as interesting because I don't live anywhere near a smelter nor where a smelter ever was. There just desert and a couple houses between me and a wilderness area on one side and untouched BLM on the other. It's a mystery that will remain unsolved I guess. I hate that. When something catches my interest I like to be able to find the answer and apparently that aint gonna happen in this case. But thanks for everyones help.
  5. I agree it can't be a meteor. But its still very odd. It looks like a big chunk of welding scrap or slag that you would see near and industrial welding business but the thing is I live way out of Dolan in the desert. Theres nothing around me that would have ever produced this. I know what welding slag is my granddad was a welder, I used to clean slag off his projects. Theres nothing between me and the mountains that would have produced this as a possibility of water washing it down here. I wonder if theres a chance it came from some kind of man made space junk?
  6. I'm not upset, I'm asking a question......or questions. If its just slag what is the shinny material in it? How did this slag end up on my driveway? it's not something I would have missed walking by. It just appeared if not over night within the last couple days. I don't weld and there has never been any metal fabrication done anywhere near my property. If this was on my old granddads property who was a welder fabricator I would understand. It stuck out like a sore thump on my hard packed desert sand driveway this morning. Ok, it's not a meteor, then what is it? I've never seen anything else l
  7. I just did a streak test on the underside of it and it didn't show any color on the ceramic
  8. Then what is the what looks to be iron nickel in the specimen? How is that explained? And where did this slag come from that was laying out in my driveway that I walk everyday that wasn't there as of the last couple days. The space station flew over this morning at 5:30 a.m. maybe someone on the space station was welding and it fell off and I got a piece of the slag on my driveway?
  9. Rocky.....It did not have the cavity when I picked it up. I use a belt sander with 60 grit to grind a window in suspected meteor rocks. As soon as I put it on the belt sander that cavity opened up. I stopped grinding immediately. You can see the nickel iron in it. All my other gold basin chondrites I grind a small window in, clean them up and put them in my display case. This one is going to get checked at a lab because obviously its odd. If you couldn't see the nickel iron in it I'd just be throwing it in with my collection of other hot iron rocks.
  10. I hunt gold basin average 2 to 3 times a week so I've seen a lot of magnetite and other rocks that are not meteors. I've probably got 10 or more GB meteors in my display case now. I've never opened a window on volcanic slag or magnetite or hematite that clearly has iron nickel in it as this one does. I spoke to another local here that had photos of a couple just like this one that he found in his yard a couple weeks ago. He also found a recent fresh impact sight right near here in the desert. Of which he told me where to look. I'll be heading out there tomorrow. This one will be going to a lab
  11. Yes that's a cavity caused by me using my belt sander to grind a window in it. I use that instead of a file. As soon as I put in on the belt that cavity opened up. Yes it's highly magnetic and you can see the iron nickel in it where I ground it. The cavity was not in it when I found it. The pics are after I opened the window, I put it back on the ground where I found it to give a perspective of what it looked like. It kind of stood out like a sore thump. Not much else around it but sand.
  12. So.....this happened this morning. Was out in my driveway this morning picking up dog poop and right next where my dog likes to go is this. It's as fresh as the poop I was picking up. I'll be doing a bit more looking around my property needless to say.
  13. Awesome!! That always makes for a nice day.
  14. I'm pretty sure I'll be there. I'll be planning on it.
  15. Nice day. Theres more to detecting than just finding the gold, like the wild life or finding an old trash pile from the old timers. I'm sure we've all found some cool stuff that wasn't gold. But It's always nice to find both!
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