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    LiDAR maps and nugget shooting

    Clay - I mainly use SAGA gis on available DEMs, and i was using Whitebox GAT to turn .las files into DEM files but it would take a few days to process one tile and wouldnt work alot of the time. Ive only just started using QGIS but the newest version no longer supports the las tool box. What artifacts are you referring too? Ive been to that site and what i see on the map is what i see on the ground. I will say ive generally managed to get what i want out of the programs but i still really dont know what most of the features do. Ive found that hillshading helps me the most and ive be accustomed to it to the point where i can read it like a topo map. Ive also messed around with terrain roughness index which brings out certain features better. I will look into SPDLib, i havent heard of it before. Below is another example, hill shaded with color to indicate elevation as well as 5 foot contour intervals. Thanks
  2. PG-Prospecting

    LiDAR maps and nugget shooting

    Hello everyone - New to the forum, been lurking for a bit though. Im out on the East coast where gold is a bit more scarce but ive had some luck. LiDAR maps are becoming more widely available for free online, and that they provide fantastic data. If you dont know what LiDAR maps are look them up. They are an incredible resource if they are available for your area. For Arizona it looks like a bunch of LiDAR data has been collected in 2018 but it isnt available quite yet should hopefully be available in the next year or so. The link below shows what is and will be available in the US https://coast.noaa.gov/inventory/ The hardest part other then finding the LiDAR is finding programs to render the .las files into more usable DEM (Digital Elevation Model) files. Ive attached below some of my musings with a LiDAR map. Basically the LiDAR helped me determine probably vein trends the old timers were working, and from that determine the areas that would have a higher probabilty of finding nuggets while detecting. You can also extrapolate those vein trends out and hunt well out beyond the old timers working with a better probability of finding gold. Basically it can help you the fringe hunting that Bill talks about in his videos. Hope this helps some people and feel free to ask questions! Its always good to add another tool to your toolbox. Thanks,