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  1. The thing is, few facts are known about micrometeorites, and Jon Larsen sells his 6 for $1200 to NASA and other private buyers- so they do have value. So far I am one of only 12-15 people worldwide who have found actual lab verified micrometeorites. So I think they are pretty interesting! Most non-scholarly sources on the web are just plain wrong about what is and isn’t an actual micrometeorite. Also, I’m not sure if you meant to or not, but your post came across as kind of rude to me. If it’s not interesting to you, that’s fine but you don’t need to tell me.
  2. Thanks Ben! Can’t wait to find more!
  3. Visual verification of micrometeorites was science fiction only few years ago, but the research of Jon Larsen has made it possible. Also I had chemical analysis and it matches up to others (it was verified in the lab by micrometeorite researcher Mr. Scötte Peterson)
  4. Thanks Clay! They are SEM images! Taken by a friend of mine. They are magnetite crystals according to Jon Larsen. Here is mm 508 from his collection:
  5. Also- the nearly perfect iron spherules commonly found in roof debris are almost guaranteed not to be micrometeorites and are almost always anthropologic in nature.
  6. It is indeed 100% a barred olivine micrometeorite. You can tell by the “Christmas tree” patterns, as well as barred olivine lines. Also- I am comparing to data available from the SPWW (South Pole water well) collection of micrometeorites.
  7. Hello All! I am new to this forum. Despite all of the misinformation on the internet about micrometeorites, with the guidance of Jon Larson’s book “in search of stardust”, I finally found a micrometeorite after months of searching. It is a stone about .1mm in diameter. Here are the pictures. Thanks for looking! Ethan
  8. You all have helped me very much. I will try all that you have mentioned. I also believe I may try to get further into this hobby when I have the time. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, I am very new to your forum! I enjoy various Internet forums however, including arrowhead and fossil forums. Anyway, I was wondering if you all could tell me what this gold colored material is on this stone I found. Is this a little gold, pyrite, or something else? Thanks!
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