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  1. MeteHunt

    Metal meteorite?

    How it behaves with powerful neodymium magnet . Sorry for a quality of the video. e889053b-cf01-484e-91ee-fd3cf51c5d15.mp4
  2. MeteHunt

    Metal meteorite?

    I found more tough floor tile and there is the test result. It leaves thin black streaks and also scratches the tile (but this time just a little bit).
  3. MeteHunt

    Metal meteorite?

    Thanks everyone for the answers! Just made the photos of streak test results. May be European tiles are softer than US but it's unlikely true.
  4. MeteHunt

    Metal meteorite?

    It scratches the tile and leaves no marks.
  5. MeteHunt

    Metal meteorite?

    Forgot to mention - it conducts electricity very well
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new one on this forum. My main hobby is hunting of coins and relics with a metal detector and I've been doing this for last 12 years. And this is the very first time when I found something that looks like a meteorite, so would be very grateful for some help with identification. Some facts about the rock: - place where it was found - Eastern part of Belarus (Europe); - was found with metal detector (dug out) at a depth of 30 centimeters (12 inch); - metal detector detects it like nonferrous metal; - it's very heavy (density maybe like lead), if necessary I can try to calculate; - non-magnetic with ordinary magnet but becomes slightly magnetic with very powerful neodymium magnet; - solid but can by filed with good rasp-file (look at the pictures) Thanks in advance!