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  1. Here’s a few little guys to look at. The ones on the coil were found in an old patch with the 6000 was surprised because I had worked it with a gm 1000,gpx 5000 and a gpz 7000 . Was very happy with the 6000 did pretty good for its first time out. Now all’s I need is an extra battery and my cover to get in from docs. stephen,
  2. Haven't used mine yet, but headed down to your neck of the woods and going to give it a go next week. Figured I'd hit some places I've found gold at before.Took next week off figured if nothing else I'd find a good in the desert.Ive enjoyed your videos on the 6000 and thinking they will help me out.So try to leave me a few pieces out there. stephen
  3. Hey leverite all we're from the wickenburg Arizona area, same trip two different areas. stephen
  4. Hey low point I got out this weekend so I will post what I got .
  5. Thanks for the pictures and the story, I like to hear why golds where it's at.Nice gold as well grats on the finds. stephen
  6. Good video, I like how the gm 1000 can find that small of gold. stephen
  7. Nice gold,I like the way you take the pictures in place. stephen
  8. Wow nice gold ! Looks like you don't mess around. stephen
  9. My 8 inch mono commander coil is in ! Headed to the Wickenburg area to give it a try tomorrow or next day .Thanks again for the advice . stephen
  10. Nice nuggets , true what you say about finding the bullets kinda gives a guy a little hope,only problem I have is that fifth target is usually another bullet lol.As far as the heat goes I've worked outside all my life and always tell people if you dress right and drink a lot of water and don't get to loco your good.But I was in Houston Texas for a few weeks last summer and it was brutal with the humidity.Dont think I would like to live anywhere or do a lot of work anywhere that has a lot humidity , give me desert heat any day over that. stephen
  11. Wow I need to check my order and see how close that 8 inch commander is !!! Good video awesome gold ,I knew I liked that coil for a reason lol.
  12. Very cool ,I was thinking the same thing and went ahead and ordered another. I have found more gold with it than with the other coils.The nuggets I find are few and far between and are generally pretty small. I would like to blame that on the hard hit club claims I go to but I think it is more likely inexperience . Hopefully I will have it before I head to Luke air base in Phoenix to do collumes .Was thinking to hit the club claims by Wickenburg or Prescott . Thank you very much for the advice.
  13. A lot of times I use a 8 inch commander mono coil in tight areas or for small gold in shallow bedrock.Last time I used it it freaked out on me .I cleaned inside of coil cover and retaped it,still buggerd up.should I replace it with another 8 inch commander which I had good luck with or is the newer 9 inch mono elite better on depth and sensitivity? I already have an 11 inch mono elite and I like it a lot.
  14. Lol my mom had a wicked sense of humor, no in all honesty for twenty years my employe number was 168 when we were short handed I would put myself on the schedule as burro 168 to help out.Then to top it off while doing work for ADOT I had my picture taken at wickiup looking through the donkey billboard.
  15. Hey guys just joined the forum thought I'd say hello and introduce myself .Im from Las Vegas. Nevada , have been prospecting for a couple years .Joined a couple clubs in the area and have enjoyed it. Have started to get into detecting a lot more ,I'm using a Gpx 5000,gm 1000 and a gb 2 .
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