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  1. Cool! THanks for you all’s lovely feedback.
  2. Found this cool rock, can anyone help me identify what mineral it could be, If pictures aren’t helping let me know and I’ll take a better shot of the rock. Thanks y’all!
  3. Found this weird looking rock, anyone know what it is?
  4. Ironically I found this rock outside my home in the dirt with other rocks.
  5. Hi old Tom, i did indeed conduct a streak test not sure if I did it right I will post a pic of the result
  6. Hi everyone! I found a interesting rock with metallic luster here at home in Texas. I think it might be a mIneral rock but I have know clue as to what type of mineral. I am new to the forum and not very educated when it comes to rocks and mineral types. Thankfully we have sites like this one for rookies like me that don’t have a clue about rocks and fossils. I have posted pics of the rock and would love to know what everyone else thinks about what mineral type it could be, thanks y’all!
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