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  1. I Heard something hit the roof of my shed, I didn’t go check cause it was dark then I heard something hit again another night...A couple of weeks go by until I decided to investigate I didn’t find anything until I see this rock in between 2 of my sheds ....if it is a space rock then that explains the hard hits on the sheds roof. It would be interesting but I don’t know nothing about rocks from space but I know someone here does ....some expertise would be cool
  2. https://youtu.be/NEdGvdsyxno Found his outside my storage unit laying on the concrete in south Texas. I noticed it was attracted to my magnet stick then I decided To cut a piece off the corner to see what was inside the rock - sorry it’s not a clean smooth cut . I did some research online and saw meteorites visually similar to the rock I have Especially "CARBONACEOUS CHONDRITE" meteorites. if someone here can give me there expertise based on the pictures I posted on wether this rock is a space rock are not I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.
  3. Cool! THanks for you all’s lovely feedback.
  4. Found this cool rock, can anyone help me identify what mineral it could be, If pictures aren’t helping let me know and I’ll take a better shot of the rock. Thanks y’all!
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