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  1. terra_motif

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    I thought they might be runes too. But I couldn't find any that were exactly the same. It is the same symbol repeated. Looks like an "E"
  2. terra_motif

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    It is pretty heavy and it doesn't feel like plastic. The center can be turned and when I do that it has the same feel as rubbing two random rocks together. Very coarse kind of grainy and rough.
  3. terra_motif

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    Hello Everyone! I'm a new member and my knowledge about rocks, minerals, and crystals are very limited. I recently found a very interesting piece of carved rock while out hiking. I'm not sure what type of stone it is, or what the symbols mean, but I drilled a hole in the top and made it into a necklace. I was just hoping someone might be able to tell me what type of stone it is!