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  1. I have been out working in Anaheim, CA this week; and decided to leave work early to visit the old silver mine at Calico Ghost Town. It’s located outside Barstow, CA, 2 hour drive from work. Cost $8.00 to enter the park and another $3.00 if you want to go through part of the mine. Definitely a tourist activity but still lots of fun. I highly recommend it if you are in the area. Being from North Carolina it was interesting to drive through some of the Mojave Desert National Park.
  2. Welcome hoodster! I am new to the forum also.
  3. appdog

    Hello Prospectors!

    Thanks for the warm reception. Skip, I have been a gold seeker for awhile. I like to search around the old gold mine sites in NC and pan local streams.
  4. Just joined, from Gaston County, NC.