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  1. Thanks Mike, I like Andyy's comment. "A detector is like a 4x4. It looks good when dirty. I have been using small electronic devices like this here in Arizona for the past 49 years and I have learned that you need to take care of your equipment or it wont last long. This Arizona sun and dust is bad on anything you leave outside so I bring inside my Gold Monster. Since the coil is water proof, you should be able to just hose it off and wipe off the control box.
  2. My first trip out with the Gold Monster 1000. I was lucky, I was able to check out both spots I wanted to test. My first spot in the Prescott National Forrest was only about a mile from the closed area, so it was open but under a Stage 2 Fire Restriction. This spot was also on our club claims and I had no trouble getting in or out with my 4x4. I found about 25 targets that I dug up and found 10 lead bullets, 3 round leads, 2 alum., part of a horse shoe, 5 bullet casing and other junk. No gold after spending most of the day around a camp site and trail. My second spot was o
  3. I just joined the forum and just bought a new Gold Monster 1000. Looking forward to many hours of nugget hunting. I have been a member of the Roadrunners Prospecting Club since 1982 and spent some time running a 2 1/2 in. and a 3 in. dredge with my dad mostly around Prescott area. I have not done any prospecting for the past 20 some years but now that I've retired, I can get out Prospecting now.
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