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  1. Thank you all for the informative responses! I will defer to all of your expertise and resign myself to the fact that it is probably not a meteorite, but as said above, my curiosity burns to see exactly what it is... The pics don't do it justice, it is EXTREMELY heavy for its size and you can clearly see almost crystal like patterns of solid metal in the narrower end. I have a wet saw with a diamond blade and will attempt to cut a window into it.. I'll post some more pics if I can accomplish this. Again, thank you all for the responses and I appreciate any suggestions as they come!! Badger
  2. Bill Peters looked at it and does not think it is a meteorite, but I would still like to get it analyzed just because it is such a unique object.
  3. All the initial test that I've been able to conduct with my limited experience...
  4. Ok Bill, thank you so much, I will very possibly be in touch with you!
  5. I'm in Phoenix. How do I get something official on it if the test says it's a meteorite? Thank you for your response 👍
  6. No, I'm trying to get someone to look at it and GET documentation if it IS real.
  7. .. where it has been for the last 20 years. It's passed all of the tests, now I need to get someone to certify it but every official body or department I approach sort of just blows me off with an email. Where can I take this to get some sort of official documentation showing this is a meteorite? I'm sorry but I just don't understand how a scientist, who makes their life's work about these things, would not be interested in potentially seeing a new, undocumented large meteorite that has turned up. Any thoughts? Thx. Badger
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