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  1. In this episode we examine some of the most challenging questions mines are asking today. How can mines compete against tech companies to raise capital? How do you navigate the social and environmental red tape to get a mine to production? If you want to be entered to win a pair of new Cat work boots the opening 10 minutes has all the details Good luck! https://youtu.be/46WOYK7C84c
  2. In episode 9 of The Crownsmen Podcast filmed live at Canadian Institute of Mining Trade Show at Vancouver Convention Center we recorded interviews with SGB-Smit, Xylem Pumps, and Big Steel Box. https://www.crownsmen.com/ep-9-supplying-mines-in-canada/ Hope you enjoy! What companies would you like to see in upcoming episodes??
  3. If you have a claim and your going to be purchasing new trommels, screening equipment, and maybe electrical along with excavators or bobcats, do you mind buying used? Or is new the best option?
  4. Check out this Crownsmen Podcast interview with Brian Zadro!
  5. Another Crownsmen Podcast interview. Hopefully there is needed partisanship in BC that will allow more mining projects proceed. So great for the economy.
  6. In Episode 6 of the Crownsmen Podcast we interviewed Marcus from Bombardier!! Hope you enjoy!
  7. Hope everyone is having a great start to summer and finding lots of the yellow stuff! Rory
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