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  1. Hi. I live in Fl about half the time and out west, Reno NV the other half. I go to Dahlonega Ga and crevis for gold near the river. It’s a lot of fun plus you get to find free gold. I’m getting a modern gold machine. Maybe one of those PI. Just want to do more research. Have u found any gold, there’s seems to be a lot in the river. Still after 3 wks getting rid of this horrible poison Ivy. Keep in touch. Patty
  2. When I think about space and how vast it is. I’m completely overwhelmed by its being. On and on. Who will ever know what came before . I hope this planet can survive people!
  3. I have a Compass Gold pro. It works great. But the ID cover came off inside and is rattling around and it needs to be put back in place.. I live in Reno. Any one out there know a place to take it too. I love this machine😊
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