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  1. Bob, I hope that wasn’t you. That is so awful it is awesome. Love it.
  2. I have a few like that of different materials and the spin like tops. I found reference to a native childrens game where they spun the top and tried to run outside around wigwam or teepee or whatever and back in before it stopped.
  3. There is no art on rocks, your just seeing things. You probably see Jesus on your toast and animals in the clouds. There is zero chance you are right. I like the others posters AM an expert and have seen And know everything history and the world have to offer. Seriously whatever it is, cool rock.
  4. You should hold it against your forehead and see what happens though just in case
  5. Me think you funny hope you find some more
  6. Me interested in what you might think they are or could be
  7. With that much cash on the table you would think they would just settle and split it.
  8. I’d like to hear the whole story, don’t have much better to do than listen to people b.s. about rocks on the net.
  9. I found this can opener last week. I know what else I’ve found in the area so I know it was a tool of some sort.
  10. Was hard to tell if a penny scratched it or not so 3 probably right.
  11. Thanks Saul, i have a bunch of it and was thinking it was probably delivered in the olden days, way old imo. The video was cool 4meter, explains why it wouldn’t light.
  12. I had tongs and the stove is right next to the back door. Was definitely a little nervous
  13. Heated the crap out of the newer piece not the o.p. Did not burn. 28C0EAA5-43D0-40AC-B8A0-1FBA67DE172A.MOV
  14. Sorry I flaked out on this one. Found in Eastern Mass. so should rule out obsidian? It is lighter than most rocks that size but not extremely. Crackled a little when I put a lighter to it, then a piece easily fractured off, otherwise it is hard for the weight. A slight odor when heated but not really sulphuric smell. I have another piece I’ll put up a pic of.@ Thanks for responding.
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