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  1. Greg L

    What Is This?

    I found this can opener last week. I know what else I’ve found in the area so I know it was a tool of some sort.
  2. Was hard to tell if a penny scratched it or not so 3 probably right.
  3. Thanks Saul, i have a bunch of it and was thinking it was probably delivered in the olden days, way old imo. The video was cool 4meter, explains why it wouldn’t light.
  4. Greg L

    What Is This?

    A Clovis clevis hook.
  5. I had tongs and the stove is right next to the back door. Was definitely a little nervous
  6. Has to be anthracite but it didn’t burn.
  7. Heated the crap out of the newer piece not the o.p. Did not burn. 28C0EAA5-43D0-40AC-B8A0-1FBA67DE172A.MOV
  8. Sorry I flaked out on this one. Found in Eastern Mass. so should rule out obsidian? It is lighter than most rocks that size but not extremely. Crackled a little when I put a lighter to it, then a piece easily fractured off, otherwise it is hard for the weight. A slight odor when heated but not really sulphuric smell. I have another piece I’ll put up a pic of.@ Thanks for responding.
  9. Greg L

    Bone or wood

    Thanks yeah I see the rings now. Somebody messing around with a chainsaw I guess. I’m not sure on the geofact laws I just pick rocks off the ground while I hike, thanks for the advice.
  10. The guy with the broken bandsaw was making more strange cuts. I think it’s bone but not sure.
  11. Greg L

    Metal ID

    Definitely an old piece of a loader bucket blade. Lol.
  12. Greg L

    Metal ID

    Thanks your probably right
  13. Greg L

    Metal ID

    Very magnetic, streaks brownish coppery, heavy for size even for metal. Found while walking around lake with daughter in middle of trail. Have a hard time convincing me that’s not a thumbprint divot on the top. Is it brass?